Russell, Scarpino Double In Frewsburg Girls Swim Win

FREWSBURG -Heather Russell and Morgan Scarpino shined in two events apiece for Frewsburg as the Bears pulled out a 97-83 victory over Allegany-Limestone on Tuesday afternoon in West Division girls swimming.

Russell was a double winner, posting a victory in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:34.08 and also won the 400 freestyle with a time of 5:35.91.

Scarpino doubled in the 50 freestyle with a time of 29.63 and won the diving event with 192.31 points.

As for the Lady Gators, Annie McHone picked up a pair of wins, placing first in the 200 individual medley (2:55.35) and winning the 100 butterfly (1:19.72).

200 meter relay: Allegany-Limestone, Frewsburg, Frewsburg. T – 2:28.61

200 freestyle: Heather Russell (F), Cecelia Pearson (F), Madeline Fodor (A-L). T – 2:55.35

50 freestyle: Morgan Scarpino (F), Kate Cecchi (A-L), Megan Davis (F). T – 29.63

Diving: Scarpino (F), Michelle Miller (A-L). P – 192.31

100 butterfly: Annie McHone (A-L), Christine Panebianco (A-L), Tomisina Dolecki (F). T – 1:19.72

100 freestyle: Megan Davis (F), Pearson (F), Katelyn Powless (A-L). T – 1:09.47

400 freestyle: Russell (F), Alice Li (A-L), Lexi Black (A-L). T – 5:35.91

200 free relay: Frewsburg (Scarpino, Davis, Pearson, Russell), Allegany-Limestone, Frewsburg. T – 2:06.74

100 backstroke: Kiah Johnson (F), Fodor (A-L), Rachel Moller (F). T – 1:20.69

100 breaststroke: Cecchi (A-L), Kaitlyn Franzen (F), Maizie Terhune (F). T – 1:28.23

400 free relay: Allegany-Limestone, Frewsburg, Allegany-Limestone. T – 4:48.87.


PANAMA – It was a battle to the end between Chautauqua Lake and Panama and the visiting Lady Thunderbirds had just enough in posting a 94-92 win over the host team.

Kendra Keyser was a double winner for Chautauqua Lake, taking first in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:20.56 and the 500 freestyle (6:20.18).

For Panama, Paige Turcotte doubled in the 50 freestyle (27.57) and the 100 freestyle (1:00.45).

200 medley relay: Panama (Nicole Johnson, Anna Turcotte, Paige Turcotte, Chiara Young), Chautauqua Lake, Chautauqua Lake. T – 2:10.21

200 freestyle: Kendra Keyser (CL), Emilee Sperry (P), Karianne Yuchnitz (P). T – 2:20.56.

200 IM: ATurcotte (P), Kara TenPas (CL), Jenna Wiemer (CL). T – 2:34.57

50 freestyle: PTurcotte (P), Ashley Moulton (CL), Lindsey Bennett (CL). T – 27.57

Diving: Michaela Mura (P), Alex Bailey (P), Kristen Elliott (CL). P – 185.02

100 butterfly: Abbey Jantzi (CL), Johnson (P), Sara Godfrey (CL). T – 1:11.35

100 freestyle: PTurcotte (P), Moulton (CL), Abigail Jopek (P). T – 1:00.45

500 freestyle: Keyser (CL), ATurcotte (P), Akin (CL). T – 6:20.18

200 free relay: Chautauqua Lake (Bennett, Jopek, Jantzi, Moulton), Panama, Chautauqua Lake. T – 1:56.16

100 backstroke: Tenpas (CL), Johnson (P), Abi Bailey (P). T – 1:08.25

100 breaststroke: Sperry (P), Wiemer (CL), Bennett (CL). T – 1:22. 66

400 free relay: Chautauqua Lake (Keyser, Tenpas, Jantzi, Moulton), Panama, Chautauqua Lake. T – 4;25.20.


Three Southwestern swimmers collected double victories as the Lady Trojans posted a convincing 131-31 win over Franklinville.

Xiane Smith doubled in the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:24.46 and the 100 backstroke (1:05.46), Kelsey Powers took first in diving with a point total of 181.42 and also won the 50 freestyle (26.68), and Katie Lawton doubled in the 100 butterfly (1:03.32) and the 100 breaststroke (1:13.66).

200 meter relay: Southwestern (Sydney Thomas, Katie Lawton, Xiane Smith, Sydney Burk), Southwestern, Southwestern. T – 2:00.

200 freestyle: Jillian Lawton (S), Megan Seeley (S), Maggie Burns (S). T – 2:10.19

200 IM: Smith (S), Gabriella Hoose (S), Maddy Nelson (S). T – 2:24.46

50 freestyle: Kelsey Powers (S), Elizabeth Brunecz (S), Megan Gutzmer (S). T – 26.68.

Diving: Powers (S). P – 181.42

100 butterfly: KLawton (S), Thomas (S), Johanna Farrand (F). T – 1:03.32

100 freestyle: Burk (S), Lynsey Gutzmer (S), Hoose (S). T – 56.61

500 freestyle: Anna O’Brien (S), Brunecz (S), Katja Kranso (S). T – 5:56.28

200 free relay: Southwestern (Powers, Smith, Burk, KLawton), Southwestern, Franklinville. T – 1:44.71

100 backstroke: Smith (S), LGutzmer (S), MGutzmer (S). T – 1:05.46

100 breaststroke: KLawton (S), Seeley (S), Jessica Schneggenburger (F). T – 1:13.66

400 free relay: Southwestern (Thomas, Burk, LGutzmer, JLawton), Southwestern, Southwestern. T – 4:00.02.