Thanks For Not Paving Hunt Road

To The Reader’s Forum:

Congratulations to those public officials who made the decision to lay GRAVEL on Hunt Road Thursday, Sept 19. It likely saved the taxpayers SEVERAL dollars as opposed to performing some sort of actual repair to the roadway. On the other hand, those several saved dollars are likely to equate to several HUNDRED dollars apiece for those of us who now get to replace pockmarked windshields that have been peppered by stones kicked up from the not-so-minimal traffic along this road. Hunt Road is a heavily-travelled corridor in this town, not some outlying seasonal path suited for oil and chip.

Additionally, the speeds (both posted and actually driven) along Hunt Road increase the likelihood of these “gravel pits” contributing to more accidents like the one earlier this week, when the House of Petillo received an unplanned “drive thru” lane.

Hunt Road now more closely resembles Stateline, between the dirt (gravel), the clouds of dust and the speeding cars sliding through turns. All we lack now is prize money for whoever makes it to the end with their car intact!

This poorly-made decision has likely created more problems than it solved, and I encourage others who have sustained damage to speak out. I would attempt to look at it from another’s perspective, but it’s kind of tough to see anything now, through the mess of chips in the windshield.

Tom Dayton