50 Years And Counting

The Busy Mrs. Club, of Jamestown, turned 50 years old and celebrated with high tea on Sept. 12, held at the home of Joan Reed. Guests were greeted by Butler Billy: William Reed. Chairperson Sally Chall poured tea for the 13 attendees.

The group has added and lost members, but always remained active, usually creating craft masterpieces monthly and celebrating with both Christmas and June dinners. Activities still remaining are the two latter ones, plus a Valentine’s Day luncheon.

The 13 women participating in the tea all retired from both professions and child-rearing. They are: Cindy Holt, Helen Weaver, Dodie Glatz, Joanie Ericson, Betty Erickson, Emiley Johnson, Dee Carlson, Jean Bobo, Joan Reed, Jean Voltmann, Becky Mazzie, Shaan Ballauff and Sally Chall. Absent, but not forgotten, were Sally Black, Betsy Dalton, Anne Fruin, Betty Kelly and Pat Valone.