City Zoning Board Approves Weitsman Project

If all goes as planned, there will soon be less dust in the area surrounding the Ben Weitsman of Jamestown scrap yard and recycling center on Eighth Street.

On Wednesday, the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously approved a use variance and two area variances for the business. Julian Clark, Weitsman spokesman, discussed the project with the board. He said a 4-foot-deep retention pond and 91,000-square-foot paved area will be part of the project to reduce the amount of airborne dust in the surrounding area that presents health concerns for local residents and people working in the area. The paving of a high percentage of the site is supposed to alleviate the airborne pollution generated by the business’ operations.

Clark also said there will be a new additional office building, a new recovery building and a new scale added as part of the project. He told the Zoning Board the state Department of Environmental Conservation has approved the project. Dave Daversa, Zoning Board member, asked if their were any contaminates found on the business site that could pollute the water system. Clark said the business has been cleared by the DEC.

No one spoke against the project during the hearing. There was a letter submitted by Martha Zenns, Planning Commission chairperson, approving the project. The city Planning Commission approved the project in August. Zenns states in her letter that a great deal of work went into the aesthetic issues at the business because of the close proximity with the path for the Riverwalk project.

“The potential visual impact was evaluated by staff with their recommendations that will enhance the visual appeal of the surroundings incorporated in the final site plan,” Zenns states.