Filling Gaps

A change order for the Tracy Plaza construction project is one of the items City Council will be voting on Monday.

The change order for $62,434 is to fill in gaps found around the plaza during the construction project. Jeff Lehman, city public works director, said when stripping off the concrete perimeter, the wall and floor lines didn’t meet and there were gaps found that were unexpected. The change order will also include patch work on the Third Street side of the plaza on the face of the retaining wall that has been compromised by salt through the years.

”Chalk it up to poor workmanship,” Lehman said about the gaps in the plaza. ”It is hard to look back 40 years and determine why it happened. It certainly renders the building less energy efficient. We put in 3 inches of insulation, which isn’t a remarkable change. Forty years ago insulation wasn’t the priority that we put on it today.”

Lehman said city officials added a contingency line item for the project for additional costs like the added insulation. This is the second change order for the project that was bid on at the beginning of the summer, with work starting in August. The first change order was for additional demolition work.

”Anytime you’re working with concrete decks things show up that aren’t on the plans,” Lehman said.

In June, City Council approved two resolutions for renovation projects at City Hall. The first resolution authorized an agreement with D&S Glass in the amount of $193,908.79 to replace 24 windows. The second resolution approved the $840,000 renovation project of the parapet wall surrounding Tracy Plaza. The plaza project is being done by CPS Construction Group, located in Cheswick, Pa. They were the sole bidders on the project. The parapet wall renovations will tear down the wall that surrounds Tracy Plaza on all four sides of the building and replace it with a railing system to open up the plaza and make it more user-friendly. Also, it will deal with the hazard of wall pieces falling off.

Other business City Council will discuss Monday includes:

A resolution authorizing Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi to enter into a grant agreement with the Gebbie Foundation for $44,700 for installing a fence along the Riverwalk, adjacent to the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities.

A resolution authorizing the Public Works Department to designate two parking spaces for handicapped parking on the south side of East Fifth Street in front of the First Baptist Church of Jamestown, 358 E. Fifth St., just west of Church Street.

A resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an agreement with R. Patti Concrete Excavating, LLC, for concrete work for street reconstruction along Broadhead Avenue between Kidder Street and Prather Avenue for $86,532.50.

A local law authorizing a property tax levy cap override in excess of the limit established by the state.