Opponents Of Affordable Health Care Need Better Ideas

To The Reader’s Forum:

In a recent speech referencing the Tea Party’s last ditch frenzied attempt to prevent 30 million Americans from purchasing affordable health care, the president made several points. He posed the following question to opponents of the law. If this law is so wrong for Americans, why not let it “fail?” Then “defunding” will not be a problem for any member of Congress, on either side of the aisle? The answer of course is that the Tea Party and some in denial Republicans fear that the law’s “failure” is in question, and another success for this president is not an option.

Independent reports have attempted to correct the lies and misstatements emanating from those who choose to ignore the plight of the underinsured and uninsured including both working adults and many children, and those with pre-existing conditions.

The president predicted – possibly joking – that in a year or two down the road, when the law has succeeded, those opponents will no longer refer to the law as “Obama Care.” But rather they will label it – Boehner Care, or Republic Care, or perhaps Tea Party Care – and rush to claim credit as they did so with the stimulus program. Remember at that time, over 100 Republican and Tea Party congressmen voted against the stimulus while begging for government dollars, then posed with the checks and claimed credit for the benefits to their districts.

Don’t be fooled by the recent cries for “delay.” Those opponents have no intention of “delaying” affordable healthcare. They do support a status quo, where the healthcare industry would continue to pick and choose only the healthiest applicants; where a carrier could cancel coverage following a claim; where those with pre-existing conditions would be left penniless or worse; where 100 to 500 percent rate hikes are an everyday occurrence. During the debate, the healthcare industry spent $1 million each day, lobbying against the law – why?

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., labeled the Tea Party effort to hold our economy hostage while defunding the healthcare law a “dumb idea.” We’ve seen enough “dumb” ideas from those opponents of affordable healthcare.

Sam Sabino