Enjoy The Rainbow

With the beginning of fall behind us we look forward to the most colorful season of all. The colors, though gorgeous, remind us that the season of rest is just ahead for all of the plant world.

While traveling through the countryside my senses immediately picked up the beauty that can only be attributed to our creator. We plant and cultivate things to beautify our world, but then there are the things that provide beauty all on their own. It is that gift of color that drew my attention.

I remember as a youngster learning the code word ROY G BIV. That stood for the colors of the rainbow. The colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet. It is a natural progression of colors in that red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green, and blue and violet make indigo. As the pattern continues the red mixes with the blue to make purple. All of the colors are in that series for us to see.

I immediately spotted the red of the sumac as it sported its fall color. Not only the red “flowers,” but the red leaves attract our attention along the roadside. Orange was a little more difficult. I did not spot anything wild for the color orange, but I did find the orange of the trumpet vine and the orange of the mountain ash tree.

Yellow was easy to spot. It was everywhere. There was the yellow of the goldenrod flowers, the yellow of the brown-eyed Susans, and the yellow of wild daisies that grew at the edge of some of the fields.

Green is still the predominant color at this point. The hillsides have begun to color, but most of the trees still have green leaves. Of course, I noticed the green of freshly mown fields now growing a second crop. Some of the green will stay all winter long as the evergreens keep their needles.

Blue is present in the form of chicory. I really am not sure if this is the same plant that they used to make a coffee-like beverage. It seems to be spreading around this area, but it was well known to me. It grew along the railroad tracks in days gone by.

Of course, blue and violet make the indigo. It is not so easy to distinguish the indigo from the violet. There are the gentians and the asters. There are asters of every hue so I imagine they cover both indigo and violet.

Just think, all of that color is there is for us to enjoy. No one plants all of the wildflowers and perennials that grow along the highways and byways. The master artist created them all for our wonder and enjoyment.

Who cannot think about God during this colorful season? God created the animals and the plants for our use. I wonder at times if some of the people who tout the use of only plants think that they are not living things. If we followed their philosophy we would not be able to eat anything. Plants, too, live until we harvest them. No, they do not hurt when we pull them by their roots or cut them off, but, nevertheless they are living things created by our Lord and Master for our use.

So are the animals. If we did not make use of some of the animals and their related products they would over populate the earth. When there is over population, more animals than are able to graze an area, there is starvation. I am of the opinion that both plants and animals were put on earth for us to use. We do not make sacrifices as the people of old did. We use what we need to feed our families.

Everything on this earth has a purpose. If the animals are not for our use, what were they created for? How did the Lord envision their control? Man is the being with the capacity for thinking and being highly educated.

It seems to me that we have overstepped our bounds in this area. We are controlling things that I am not sure the Lord ever meant for us to control. Just because we know how to do something, it does not necessarily justify doing it. We have figured out how to clone things. Does that mean we should control the population in that manner?

Nature is a powerful force. Where man struggles is when we attempt to change nature. Environmental problems have arisen because man interfered in some way with nature. When nature prevails, the result is better.

A few weeks ago I talked about ugly fruit. The result of ugly fruit is caused by the introduction of insecticides. Good fruit can no longer grow on its own because of the foreign substances that have been introduced.

People are going back to nature. That is evident in the movement to organic foods. It must be that the organic farmer and the farmer who produces things without chemicals being added have made a difference in the marketplace.

People want to know where their food comes from. Farmer’s Markets have sprung up everywhere to connect the consumer with the producer. If you buy what is fresh at the moment locally you are getting the best that can be obtained. There is nothing like home-grown tomatoes. The flavor is unmatched. I cannot get enough bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches right now. The sweet corn is also a delectable treat. What we buy frozen or canned cannot match the quality of the fresh product.

In this season that we call fall or autumn take time to observe what the good Lord has done for us. It is no accident that the holiday of Thanksgiving comes after the harvest.

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell, Pa. Contact at hickoryheights1@verizon.net.