Gun Ownership Is A Human Rights Issue

To The Reader’s Forum:

Another mass shooting, this time in Washington, D.C. How many good American have to die before people in this country realizes that free unfettered access to guns is not a good idea. Now that adults and children have been killed by the thousands as a result of shootings, shouldn’t something be done?

I know that the Second Amendment talks about the right to own guns, but a more fundamental set of rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Notice please, LIFE comes first, it is the most basic right of all. No freedoms,are without some legal responsibility. It is up to free thinking liberal and conservative thinkers to realize that a person, any person, should not have the total freedom to just go buy a gun (of any kind) whenever they want to. The NRA has made sure that there are enough gun-buying loopholes in the laws so that guns are available to almost anyone that can pay for them.

I am not saying you can’t have guns,, but rather wouldn’t we all be better off, gun owners too, if the restrictions on ownership were real and enforced. This is not a constitutional issue. It is a human rights issue and the first right of all is not gun ownership. It is the right to be able to live without the threat of a crazed legal gun owner killing you. Life, life, life comes first. Just ask the writers of the Declaration of Independence. I trust them more than the NRA and its graft accepting members of Congress.

Warren Beyer,