Kennedy Pride Discusses Community?Projects

By Rose Mary Carver


KENNEDY – Members of Kennedy Pride learned about progress on several projects at their recent meeting in Hallquist Park.

Steve Stanton reported to the group about a design for the sign for the gazebo showing the name Hallquist Park. He passed around a drawing of the proposal from Chautauqua Sign Company for a sign to match the new “Welcome to Kennedy” signs. Members approved the design and it will be ordered. It should be ready to install before fall is over.

The contractor for the new pavilion to be built in Hallquist Park had requested approval for the final design, and what type of trim was wanted. The group voted to have the pavilion match with the existing gazebo as much as possible. The much-anticipated pavilion should be a welcome addition to the park.

Larry Mee reported that the old “Welcome to Kennedy” signs have been removed. The new signs will be installed at the same locations as soon as possible. New, longer posts will be used for the larger sign. He felt the new signs were of high quality and should last many years.

Steve Stanton noted that the town clock had been repaired and reinstalled on the four corners in Kennedy. An extra mechanism was included and instructions given for its installation, if needed.

Larry Mee noted that town workers have begun taking down the flags around town for the winter. He said that they did have to replace a few during the summer. He figured that Kennedy Pride would have to purchase at least 50 flags each year to replace existing flags. This will be an ongoing expense.

Co-President Linda Bish asked if the group would be willing to ask some other people for quotes to build picnic tables for the new pavilion. Group members felt it would be a good idea to get quotes from several local people who build them. She will also check into flag holders for flags by the veterans’ memorial in the park.

Group members began thinking of upcoming events. The annual townwide Christmas party is usually held early in December. Kennedy Pride will coordinate with the Town of Poland Recreation Committee for the event.

Roland Swanson told the group about the VFW looking for veterans’ memorials around the country. The Memorial Day Foundation ( is trying to create a national registry of all public and private war memorials in the country, municipal, county and state. Pride members discussed the possibility of locating all the various memorials in the town of Poland.

Co-President Shirley Leyman updated the group about a clean-up on the Conewango. Although it was not a project in the town for this year, the possibility remained that some type of clean-up might be scheduled in the future. Where the creek widens and slows down, debris can pile up. Also, snags can arise due to tree falls from storms. She will maintain contact with the watershed group. As the weather is turning to colder seasons, the next meeting of Kennedy Pride will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 6:30 p.m. in the Kennedy Free Library. Everyone is invited to come, and to offer any ideas for community projects.