Savin’ Some Green

Jamestown residents who follow the law and recycle could be receiving an incentive next year.

During the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities monthly board meeting Tuesday, board members and BPU officials discussed the possible program. Mike Saar, BPU deputy general manager, said the program could be started by March 2014 if approved by the board. He said customers paying $12.10 a month now for solid waste disposal would see their bill drop to $10 if they recycle. However, for those who do not follow the state law and are not recycling, their bill could increase to $20 a month.

Saar said the BPU would keep track of those who regularly recycle through new containers and electronic equipment on recycling trucks. Around 16,000 new containers would be needed and the new electronic upgrades would cost around $250,000.

Saar said the rate of recycling throughout the city includes plastic at 38 percent, paper at 35 percent and glass at 19 percent. David Leathers, BPU general manager, said the program is still being worked on to solve any potential problems before possibly starting the new recycling incentives.

”There is still a lot of work to be done on the execution,” he said.

Wayne J. Rishell, BPU board member, asked if any other communities are doing incentive recycling programs. Leathers said some communities charge by the pound for garbage. In these communities, with some being said to be in the Cleveland and Buffalo area, it is an incentive to recycle instead of putting the materials in with their garbage and paying a higher weight-based bill.

Frederick A. Larson, BPU board member, asked about single-stream recycling, which is when all recyclable items get thrown into the same container instead of being separated. Leathers said single-stream recycling is still an overall goal.

Sam Teresi, BPU board president, said board members should think about incentive recycling and think of their own questions about the program for next month’s meeting.

”Lets come in with our questions … and be prepared to discuss this out,” he said.