Mee Rolls 823 Series At JBC

Jim Mee was red-hot in the area bowling Thurday night.

Mee delivered a 277-260-286-823 for Gametime Sports in the Scratch Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Company for the first 800 this season.

Howie McIntyre Jr. was next with a 224-260-705 for the Howies in the Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Tying McIntyre Jr. with a 705 was Chris Goodwill with highs of 269 and 235 in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League at JBC.

John Williams Jr. decked a 248-244-689 for Southside Redemption and Randy Herron a 222-238-684 for Southern Tier Supply in the Scratch Doubles at JBC to round out the high scores.

Roger Gustafson upended 238-601 in the Early Birds League at JBC.

Mike Sacilowski hit a 267 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: A. M. Senior League – Jim Suckow 222-582, Chuck Stohlberg 210-545.

Early Birds League – Cliff Carlson 227-580, Bob Petroline 212-567, Ken Davis 529, Dan Snow 521, Dot Smith 482, Jan Streed 415, Gen Juul 400.

Scratch Doubles – Doug Trapani 246-233-666, Matt Himes 238-666, Alex Foti 221-226-659, Dan Hallberg 227-237-655, Mike Sacilowski 651, Howie McIntyre Sr. 224-645, Joe Foti 640, Dave Fiiorella 230-632, Joe Muzzy 626, Ron Lyon 232-612, Josh Volk 611, Brandon Miller 232-597, Jeff Wadsworth 595, Steve Trapani 594, Devon Kennelley 234=590.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League – Bill Hartzell 225-233-659, Jeremy Goodwill 600, Dennis Goodwill 593, Tena Berkhous 200-552, Kristina Horton 506.