FDSC Swim Team Tops Salamanca

SALAMANCA – Fredonia-Dunkirk-Silver Creek topped Salamanca, 111-75, in West Division girls swimming.

Double winners for FDCS were Riley Drummond in the 200 individual medley and 500 freestyle, and Deidra Osula in the 50 and 100 freestyles.

200 Medley Relay: FDSC (Drummond, Webster, Osula, Reynolds) T-1:58.78

200 Freestyle: Kayla Jackson (S), Polowy (F), Ball (S) T-2:14.95

200 IM: Riley Drummond (F), Lovern (F), Mroczk (F) T-2:23.68

50 Freestyle: Deidra Osula (F), Fish (S), Meek (S) T-:25.53

Diving: Taylor Brown (S), I. Pucci-Schaeffer (F), K. Cook (S) P-158.75

100 Butterfly: Katie Webster (F), Thompson (F), A. Cook (S) T-1:09.77

100 Freestyle: Deidra Osula (F), Fish (S), Reynolds (F) T-57.13

500 Freestyle: Riley Drummond (F), Jackson (S), Polowy (F) T-5:54.92

200 Freestyle Relay: FDSC (Reynolds, Drummond, Webster, Osula) T-1:48.60

100 Backstroke: Mroczka (F), Ball (S), Thompson (F) T-1:09.26

100 Breaststroke: Katie Webster (F), Zebraski (F), Shurilla (S) T-1:6.46

400 Freestyle Relay: Salamanca (Meek, Ball, Fish, Jackson) T-4:18.83


ALLEGANY – Paige Turcotte claimed firsts in the 200 individual medley (2:28.81) and in the 100 butterfly (1:08.70) as Panama lost to Allegany-Limestone, 100-85.

Madeline Fodor of Allegany-Limestone won the 200 freestyle (2:20.67) and the 100 backstroke (1:11.55).

Anna Turcotte was first in the 100 breaststroke (1:15.96) and Michaela Mura took the diving competition (187.10 points) for Panama other wins.

200 medley relay: Allegany-Limestone (Madeline Fodor, Annie McHone, Kate Cecchi, Katelyn Powless), Panama, Allegany-Limestone. T – 2:10.18.

200 freestyle: Fodor (A-L), Anna Turcotte (P), Alice Li (A-L). T – 2:20.67.

200 individual medley: Paige Turcotte (P), McHone (A-L), Christine Panebianco (A-L). T – 2:28.81.

50 freestyle: Cecchi (A-L), Chiara Young (A-L), Powless (A-L). T – 27.26.

Diving: Michaela Mura (P), Alex Bailey (P), Michelle Miller (A-L). Pt – 187.10.

100 freestyle: Powless (A-L), Young (P), Karianne Yuchnitz (P). T -1:08.64.

500 freestyle: McHone (A-L), Li (A-L), Kayla Loberg (P). T – 6:16.42.

200 freestyle relay: A-L (Cecchi, Lexie Zimmer, Gabrielle Sanzo, Powless), Panama, A-L. T – 2:02.79.

100 backstroke: Fodor (A-L), Nicole Johnson (P), Abi Bailey (P). T – 1:11.55.

100 breaststroke: A. Turcotte (P), Cecchi (A-L), Emilee Sperry (P). T – 1:15.96.

400 freestyle relay: A-L (Panebianco, Li, Fodor, McHone), Panama, A-L. T – 4:19.27.