Wadsworth Nearly Perfect On Way To 776

Jeff Wadsworth was on target for a perfect game, but was denied in the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League on Wednesday night.

Wadsworth delivered a 295 single en route to a 776 for Wadsworth Construction in the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company. He also had a 267 among his games.

In the Farr’s Allstate League at Fountain Bowl, Randy Lawson decked a 258-256-719 for Maplehurst Country Club and Sean Peters drilled a 245-258-706 for Mud Creek Dairy.

Dan Gould just missed another 700 by shooting a 699 on highs of 256 and 236 for Butera’s Towing in the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League.

Jeremy Crist delivered a 259-684 for Bemus Point Inn in the Farr’s Allstate League at Fountain Bowl.

Kevin Golden hit a 266 at Fountain Bowl while Sharon Zdunski delivered a 232 and Angel Harrower a 221 at State Lanes.

Fountain Bowl: Ladies Doubles League – Grace Wheeler 501, Joan Brown 486, Lindy Johnson 485.

Farr’s Allstate League – Mark Sanden 233-671, Jeff Arnold 637, Greg Grimm 231-634, Brad Crist 623, Len Marucci 613, Kevin Golden 611, Harry Jones 608, Bill Farr 582, Brad Johnson 580.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza Men’s League – Paul Burdic 245-666, Ryan Beaver 235-230-662, Dan Benson Jr. 231-225-655, Al Maybach 224-610, George Wendall 236-605, Tim Whitmore 581, Warren Doud Sr. 580, Ryan Beaver 235-230-662, Chris Johnson 246-597, Bill Thompson 225-580.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League – Jami Olson 520, Jen Goshgarian 505.

State Lanes: Angel Hair Classy Ladies League – Angel Harrower 569, Sharon Zdunski 555, Andrea Mott 535, Anne Frankson 500, Karen Eckman 499, Melody Stearns 481, Jean Ingerson 479, Cindy Carmen 475.

Second shift – Andrea Mott 545, Sharon Zdunski 541, Lori Lassen 540, Anne Frankson 504, Karen Eckman 501, Melody Stearns 201-489, Christina Olson 481, Nancy Michael 475.