The Highways Are Amish, Too

To The Reader’s Forum:

In regard to horse manure on the roads. A little bit of manure ecologically speaking has less of an impact on the environment than exhaust emissions of our cars and all the little dead animals we leave on the roads. We do more damage to the universe with automobiles than all the horse manure that is dropped on the roads by the few horse and buggies that use the highways.

Speaking of “OUR” highways, they are their highways also. The Amish pay taxes, both county and school taxes, so they have just as much right to use them as the people from out of state that use our (New Yorkers). The only difference between us is that we have done more damage to this planet with all of our technology in 100 years than a little bit of horse crap on the road will do in 1,000 years.

Melonee Danielson