Whatever Happened To Good Manners?

To the Readers’ Forum:

I have to admit I was taken by a recent sermon while surfing the net a few nights ago. The pastor said something I’ve been saying for years about the lack of good manners.

If you go the right speed through traffic, people would rather toot their horn and yell expletives. If someone runs into you at the store because they were paying no attention to what they were doing would rather blame you rather that owning up to it. How people will take their stress out on you, be it from work or home, and when they’re called on it, again instead of owning up to it, they’d rather deem you wrong.

While I cannot agree that it’s poor manners to burp at the table, what I find is horrible is when someone doesn’t excuse themselves. Manners says a lot about a person and I have commented to employees how refreshing it is to have been thanked by an employee, not on a cash receipt.

Ronald Forsythe