Cattaraugus Women’s Civic League Unveils Programs For Upcoming Season

About 20 members of the Cattaraugus Women’s Civic League gathered at Pascarella’s Restaurant on Sept. 11 to enjoy a companionable luncheon and check out one another’s vacation adventures. The event also served as a launch pad for their 2013-14 season.

The “league” happens to be one of the oldest continually functioning organizations in the community, having been founded in 1911, under the leadership of Mrs. Fred Johnson. The local group is affiliated with the Western New York Federation of Women’s Clubs, and plays a role in entering many local students’ art work and literary projects in the federation’s annual Western New York competitions.

Recording secretary, Dorothy Harvey, said that many of the student winners had their art work displayed at the Bank of Cattaraugus and the Corner Drug Store. She will try to learn the names of those winners for inclusion in her minutes.

It should be mentioned that local league members persuaded Mrs. Harvey earlier to enter one of her own poems in the contest’s adult division. To the delight of all (and the surprise of none), her entry won a second prize, and she received congratulations from those present. Titled “We are the Women of the Civic League,” the poem follows in its entirety:

“With hearts and hands that want to serve,

From duty’s path, we seldom swerve.

Each year we have a little part

Promoting our youth in music and art.

Planting flower barrels in our town

Brings color and beauty all around;

And as we meet, we learn and grow

Through programs that inform and show

That we can learn and have some fun

As we participate, one by one.

The worthwhile programs broaden our view,

So we would like to share with you!

Come, join our ranks and you, as well,

Will have some interesting tales to tell.”

President Cyndi Eaton presided over the regular business meeting. She led off by announcing that she would be unavailable to serve another term, although she would happily handle the presidential duties through the current season.

Over the summer months, several members met in committee to put together new programs, which were duly distributed to members at the luncheon.

The agenda promises an interesting and varied schedule for the upcoming months, starting with October’s presentation on the topic of Gettysburg. Cheryl and Duane Hill, who visited the area earlier this year during its one hundred 50-year celebration will share their impressions and photos.

This topic, like so many of the league’s offerings, would interest men, as well as women, so members would like it known that the door is always open to anyone who might like to attend any of the meetings. (Incidentally gentlemen, the refreshment table is always well-stocked.)

Other subjects to be covered this season are: the Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School fitness center (including its availability to adult participation); a discussion of nature photography, a report on the league’s past presidents; a master gardener’s presentation (emphasizing plants and flowers suitable for use in Cattaraugus County); and, of course, the traditional Christmas music program so generously provided by the Cattaraugus-Little Valley music department.

Members left the luncheon anticipating the upcoming year and its offerings.