TK Ribbings Will Be Missed

To The Reader’s Forum:

After 39 years TK Ribbings has closed its doors. This is a sad day for many people in the village of Falconer and surrounding areas. For some people that was the only socialization they had at times and for others it was just a nice place to go and get a good fish fry. For myself both of my girls were employed there as a part-time job through high school and college, as many other students who have worked there over the years.

Through good times and bad Steve & Kay Ribbing were always there for them. It has been our Thanksgiving tradition for the past 10 years to help with their annual Thanksgiving meals. It will be such a great loss to the community as they served over 900 meals and the number gets larger every year.

As it is time for Steve and Kay Ribbing to start a new chapter of their lives I would like to remind them how many lives they have touched over the years and how thankful I am that they have been a part of my family and so many others.

God Bless You!!!!

Rosie Digirolamo