Falconer Wants Lower Rate For Resource Officer

Falconer Central School filed a request to the Ellicott Town Council on Monday that the rate for the School Resource Officer be reconsidered.

The SRO, who is contracted out by the Ellicott Police Department, costs the school $28 an hour to provide a host of duties from law enforcement, driver’s education, bicycle safety and fire prevention. Due to budgetary constraints at the school, officials are asking for a lower rate.

“Our SRO is essential to what we do,” said Stephen Penhollow, superintendent of Falconer Central School. “We’d really appreciate any reconsideration of the current rate.”

Further details will develop at the next Ellicott Town Council Meeting, scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7 at the Town Administration Building in Falconer.

No further developments arose regarding deer management in West Ellicott. Town supervisor Cecil M. Miller III said property owners and council members are still deciding on appropriate locations for a “bait and shoot” program.

Residents of West Ellicott have voiced concern over the overpopulation of deer in the area, many of which have caused property damage and traffic problems. A “bait and shoot” program, in which trained shooters target deer in a designated area, is viewed as the best solution to the problem.