Complaints Lodged Over Reed’s Mishap

Formal complaints were filed by the chairman of the Ontario County Democratic Party with federal officials Monday regarding Congressman Tom Reed’s use of campaign funds to pay his personal property taxes.

Complaints were filed with the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics as well as with the Federal Election Commission requesting both entities to investigate Reed’s violations of the federal election law and House ethics rules.

“Congressman Reed’s completely inappropriate use of campaign funds needs to be investigated, and we hope the House Ethics Committee and the Federal Elections Commission will get to the bottom of this extremely concerning situation,” said John F. Hurley, Ontario County Democratic Committee chairman. “No excuses or apologies can change the fact that members of Congress have an ethical responsibility and legal obligation to keep their personal funds separate from their campaign funds, and Congressman Reed violated these rules.”

In August, Reed admitted to paying his personal property taxes late 38 times since 2005. Several weeks later Reed admitted to making one of those late tax payments using campaign funds. Congressman Reed made a $4,247.83 late tax payment to the Steuben County treasurer for property taxes on his vacation home on Keuka Lake using campaign funds.

“This was an unfortunate clerical error and I take full responsibility for it,” Reed said in a previous interview. “I immediately corrected the error by personally reimbursing my campaign account and at no time were there insufficient funds in my personal account to cover this erroneously written check from my campaign. Out of an abundance of caution, we promptly self-reported the error by issuing a statement for the public record to the FEC. We put new precautions and procedures in place in order to ensure this does not happen again.”