People Like To Cooperate

To The Reader’s Forum:

When washing dishes, the job goes faster and better if one person washes and one person dries. Two people carrying big pieces of plywood is done more easily than if one has to carry it. Government also works better when legislators cooperate.

When I was elected, and being new, all the other legislators said it was essential to get one of their party elected as chair of the legislature because the chair assigns people to the committees and the committees set the agenda. That system sets up competition between parties so that their focus is on getting more votes for one of their party instead of getting more votes for the good fo the people of the county. That competition continues with people of the other party not respecting legislators of the other party as much as their own party.

That prevents better governing from happening.

So I introduced a resolution to change the rules, a change that would in one place make cooperation the way the parties would have to operate. The change is to have the majority leader and the minority leader assign people to the committees together. Thus, there would be less competition between parties for electing the chair so that they can work together to pick the best chair from the legislature. There would be more cooperation on the committees if there was an equal number of each party on the committee.

But when this resolution was brought before the Administration Committee, the members said they got on the committee they wanted so what’s the problem?

Perhaps I poorly persuade. Voters may be better able to tell their legislator they want more cooperation. This resolution on cooperation will come before the legislature Wednesday, September 25. Tell you legislator to sign up for cooperation. Thank you.

Timothy Hoyer,

Chautauqua County Legislator