Relay Sets Record For Trojans

Host Southwestern set a new school record in the 200 freestyle relay en route to a 133-47 decision over Chautauqua Lake in the West Division girls swimming on Tuesday.

Xiane Smith, Jillian Lawton, Kelsey Powers and Sydney Burk established a new team record with a time of 1:44.83.

Overall, the Lady Trojans won every event

200 medley relay: Southwestern (Sydney Thomas, Jillian Lawton, Gabriella Hoose, Sydney Burk), Southwestern, Southwestern. T – 2:02.61.

200 freestyle: Elizabeth Brunecz (SWC), Anna O’Brien (SWC), Megan Gutzmer (SWC). T – 2:21.21.

200 individual medley: Thomas (SWC), Megan Seeley (SWC), Jenna Weimer (CL). T – 2:19.09.

50 freestyle: Burk (SWC), Ashley Moulton (CL), Maddy Nelson (SWC). T – 26.05.

Diving: Kelsey Powers (SWC), Kristen Elliott (CL). Pts. – 166.73.

100 butterfly: Hoose (SWC), Lynsey Gutzmer (SWC), Abbey Jantzi (CL). T -1:08.98.

100 freestyle: Lawton (SWC), Brunecz (SWC), Maggie Burns (SWC). T – 59.72.

500 freestyle: Thomas (SWC), Maddy Nelson (SWC), Kendra Nelson (CL). T – 5:37.01.

200 freestyle relay: Southwestern (Xiane Smith, Lawton, Powers, Burk), Southwestern, Southwestern. T – 1:44.83 (school record).

100 backstroke: M. Gutzmer (SWC), Kelly Stevens (SWC), Emily Rybicki (SWC). T – 1:11.61.

100 breaststroke: Megan Seeley (SWC), Weimer (CL), Katja Kranso (SWC). T – 1:19.92.

400 freestyle relay: Southwestern (M. Gutzmer, Brunecz, M. Seeley, L. Gutzmer), Southwestern, Chautauqua Lake. T – 4:11.17.


PANAMA – Riley Drummond and Mikayla Reynolds showed the way as the combined Dunkirk-Fredonia-Silver Creek team defeated Panama, 107-73.

Drummond won the 200 individual medley (2:24.44) and the 100 backstroke (1:03.67) while Reynolds captured the 50 freestyle (27.50) and 100 freestyle (1:02.95) as the winners claimed victories in nine events.

Michaela Mura took first for Panama in the diving (161.93) and teammate Anna Turcotte had the same status in the 100 breaststroke (1:19.39). Also, Panama took the 400 freestyle relay (4:36.10) with Emilee Sperry, Chiara Young, Anna Turcotte and Paige Turcotte making up the squad.

200 medley relay: Dunkirk-Fredonia-Silver Creek (Riley Drummond, Katie Webster, Deidra Osula, Mikayla Reynolds), Dunkirk-Fredonia-Silver Creek, Dunkirk-Fredonia-Silver Creek. T – 1:58.62.

200 freestyle: Katie Webster (D-F-SC), Anna Turcotte (P), Katie Cymerman (D-F-SC). T – 2:17.15.

200 individual medley: Drummond (D-F-SC), Paige Turcotte (P), Grace Mroczka (D-F-SC). T – 2:24.44.

50 freestyle: Reynolds (D-F-SC), Haley Zebraski (D-F-SC), Emilee Sperry (P). T – 27.50.

Diving: Michaela Mura (P), Victoria Pucci-Schaefer (D-F-SC), Emily Waller (P). Pts. – 161.93.

100 butterfly: Deidra Osula (D-F-SC), Paige Turcotte (P), Tess Thompson (D-F-SC). T – 59.33.

100 freestyle: Reynolds (D-F-SC), Zebraski (D-F-SC), Sperry (P). T – 1:02.95.

500 freestyle: Mikayla Polowy (D-F-SC), Mroczka (D-F-SC), Anna Vecchio (D-F-SC). T – 6:12.84.

200 freestyle relay: D-F-SC (Ericka Eades, Cymerman, Zebraski, Osula), Panama, D-F-SC. T – 1:56.41.

100 backstroke: Drummond (D-F-SC), Taylor Britz (D-F-SC), Anna Vecchio (D-F-SC). T – 1:03.67.

100 breaststroke: Anna Turcotte (P), Mura (P), Abi Lisciandro (P). T – 1:19.39.

400 freestyle relay: Panama (Sperry, Chiara Young, Anna Turcotte, Paige Turcotte), Panama, Panama. T – 4:36.10.