Frerichs’ Art Displayed In Iowa, Buffalo

FREDONIA – Timothy Frerichs, State University at Fredonia art professor, is exhibiting his art work in two venues.

The first is a three-person art exhibition at Olson Larsen Galleries in Des Moines, Iowa. Frerichs is exhibiting 11 new multi-layered woodcuts on Japanese papers as well as his series of six “Night Suite” works on paper. The other two artists displaying their work are Gary Olson and Lee Emma Running, both from Iowa. The exhibit opened Sept. 6 and ends Oct. 5.

The second venue is Frerichs’ artist book “De Rerum,” currently on exhibit at the Erie County Public Library’s Rare Book Collection Gallery in Buffalo. Frerichs created the artist book in response to seven seminal science geology/metallurgy books in the Grosvenor Rare Book Collection at the library.

Recently, Frerichs’ commissioned artwork for Imagery Winery was released on Imagery Wines White Burgundy. Imagery Winery has the largest collection of contemporary artists artwork specifically commissioned for their wine labels.

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