Baldwin, Lemon Win Respective Races

MAYVILLE – The absentee ballots are in and counted.

Following the Sept. 10 primary election, Election Commissioner Norm Green predicted only three races would be determined by absentee ballots, which were counted Tuesday. After counting the absentee ballots, Green confirmed winners for the Democratic line for legislative District 5 and Republican line for District 18. The Independence line for the Stockton town justice candidate was a wash.

On Sept. 10, Susan Baldwin was leading the Democratic line for District 5, with a total of 76 votes. Her opponent, Amy Farnham, had 72 votes.

Following absentee ballots being counted, Green confirmed Baldwin had won, with five additional absentee ballots being counted in her favor. Farnham received four.

Ronald Lemon was in position to be listed on the Republican line for Legislative District 16 following the primary, thanks to a total of 108 votes. His opponent, Tamera Downey, had 106 votes.

Green reported Tuesday that 13 absentee ballots had been received by the Board of Elections, along with one affidavit, declaring Lemon to be the winner of the primary. Lemon received 10 of the votes, while Downey received four.

The final race Green had predicted would be determined by absentee ballots was on the Independence line for the justice candidate in the town of Stockton. On primary night, the election ended with Mark Cunningham with seven votes and his opponent, Jeffrey Shevlin Jr., with six.

After counting the absentee ballots, Shevlin and Cunningham ended up in a tie for the Independence line, resulting in a failure to elect.

“Absentees normally follow whatever happens on election night,” Green said.