O’Dell, Eliason Lead CSP To Cross Country Sweep

SHERMAN – It was a perfect-weather day as the Clymer-Sherman-Panama cross country team played host to Olean and Dunkirk in a Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association meet at WoodCrest Golf Course on Monday.

Josh O’Dell from the CSP team was the top runner for the boys, posting a time of 15:06 as the combined team was first with 33 points. Dunkirk was second with 42 and Olean took third with 46.

As for the girls, Holly Eliason from CSP took first, finishing the 2.7-mile course in 18:02.

Teamwise, CSP was first with 19 points, Olean placed second with 42 and Dunkirk was incomplete.


1. Josh O’Dell (CSP) 15:06, 2. Dan O’Dell (CSP), 3. Javier Soto (D), 4. Jake Chiak (O), 5. Ethan Francis (D), 6. Tristin Snyder (O), 7. Alec Tomaszewski (D), 8. Ryan Carpenter (CSP), 9. Jordan Boland (CSP), 10. Ethan Kelley (O).


1. Holly Eliason (CSP) 18:02, 2. Katie Pacy (CSP), 3. Alexis Soba (O), 4. Grace Dennis (CSP), 5. Journee Hannold (CSP), 6. Alexa Minard (O), 7. Lauren Michael (CSP), 8. Madeline Bestine (CSP), 9. Kate White (CSP), 10. Maddy Hamet (O).


The Maple Grove boys and girls swept a home meet and the highlight was Corey Wefing of the Red Dragons setting a school record.

He finished first in the boys meet with a time of 16:17 on the 3.1-mile course. that broke the previous record of 16:22 set by Jesse Rappole in 2000.

Maple Grove (5-1) was first with 33 points while Southwestern was second with 58, Gowanda third with 67 and Silver Creek fourth with 65.

The Maple Grove girls team remained undefeated at 6-0 by finishing first with 23 points. Gowanda had 47, Silver Creek 59 and Southwestern 97.

The top three finishers were from Maple Grove with Hope Pietrocarlo first in a time of 19:59.


1. Corey Wefing 16:17, 2. Jordan Powers (SW), Frank Curoski (MG), 4. Matt Kruska (G), 5. Collin Hanson (SW), 6. Calen Makuch (SC), 7. Ben Soffel (MG), Jake Mullen (SC), 9. Ben Myzeo (G), 10. Colin Colburn (MG).


1. Hope Pietrocarlo (MG) 19:59, 2. Caroline Benson (MG), 3. Taylor Norris (MG), 4. Colleen Steward (G), 5. Emma Seiders (SC), 6. Katelynn Jaroszewski (G), 7. Hannah Seiders (SC), 8. Kistin Kelemen (MG), 9. Gracie Auer (MG), Sarah Grubbs (G).


ALLEGANY – Jamestown captured the girls and boys races at Allegany-Limestone.

Adrianna Roehmholdt ran a 23:08 for first place on the 3.1-mile course as the Lady Raiders compiled 22 points, Allegany-Limestone 39 and Randolph was incomplete.

In the boys race. Jamestown had 26 points and Allegany-Limestone 39 points with Owen Barber of Allegany-Limestone running first with a 17.42.

Christian Edborg of Jamestown finished second with a 19:15 and teammates Zack Barnes, Jon Healy and Patrick Walsh were third through five, in that order.


1. Adrianna Roehmholdt (J), 23:08. 2. Rose Stangle (A-L); 3. Holly Lienhardt (R). 4. Ericka Carnahan (R); 5. Rachel Johnson (J; 6 Alyssa Edstrom (A-L); 7. Kirstie Hanson (J); 8. Becca Bogdan (J); 9. Jenna Slizle (J); 10. Nicole Haase (J).


1. Owen Barber (A-L), 17:42; 2. Christian Edborg (J); 3. Zach Barnes (J), 4. Jon Healy (J), 5. Patrick Walsh (J); 6. Andrew Stady (A-L) 7. Ashton Walsh (J); 8. Darren Ball (A-L), 9, Shane Lindquist (A-L); \10. Carter Graham (R).


FALCONER- Kirsten Holmberg of Falconer-Frewsburg won the girls race over Mihalka Tramuta of Fredonia in a close finish.

Holmberg came on strong down the stretch to record a 20:53 timing over 3 miles to edge Tramuta, who finished at 21:02, after the latter had led most of way at Breezewood Links.

Fredonia wound up with 20 points, Falconer-Frewsburg 59 points and Franklinville was incomplete. The Lady Hillbillies had the second through 10 places.

In the boys race, Josh Goodhue of Fredonia crossed the finish line first in 17:55.2 and teammate Mike Meredith was the runnerup with an 18:05 as Fredonia had 23 points, Falconer-Frewsburg 45 points and Franklinville 57 points.


1. Kirsten Holmberg (Falconer-Frewsburg), 20.53; 2. Mihalka Tramuta (F). 3. Emily Wan (F); 4. Jillian Kowalski (F); 5. Gwen Stokes (F); 6. Claire O’Brien (F); 7. Maitlland Langworthy (F); 8. Skylar Salim (F); 9,. Mary Polvino (F); 10. Kate Fiorella (F).


1, Josh Goodhue (Fr.), 17:55, 2. Mike Meredith (Fr.), 3. Matt Bachner (Fra.). 4. Austin Ormond (F-F). 5. Steven Formanowicz (Fr.). 6. Forrest Swaciak (Fra.), 7. Ryan Meredith (Fr.), 8. Tareek Hannold (F-F);, 9. Jake Fulley (Fr.), 10. Trystin Lee (F-F).