Rest In Peace, Damon Janes

There are times in our lives when events just don’t make much sense.

The unfortunate death on Monday of Damon Janes, a Brocton Central School junior who passed away after a helmet-to-helmet hit Friday in Westfield-Brocton’s football game with Portville, is one of those times.

Why someone so young would be taken so early, and while doing something he so plainly enjoyed, defies explanation. It is disheartening and depressing to think of the pain Janes’ family feels right now.

Perhaps they can take some comfort in the community’s response to Janes’ passing, however. Students at Brocton and Westfield wore green, the Brocton school colors, on Monday in honor of Janes while the Portville Panther statue outside Portville Central School was draped in a green shirt. Brocton, Westfield and Portville students planned to wear pink clothing – Janes’ favorite color – to classes on Tuesday while students throughout the area have been invited to do the same.

A Facebook page titled “Pray for Damon” has garnered nearly 11,000 likes over the past four days with hundreds of well wishes from area residents. Many didn’t know Janes personally, but all have been touched by the Brocton youth.

In that vein, we echo the thoughts of our sister paper, the Dunkirk OBSERVER, in its editorial Tuesday.

“Our area, Western New York and the rest of New York state’s hearts ache for Damon Janes … This hits close to home – and the outpouring of support for the schools and community has been tremendous. The prayers matter – for the family, for the school and the community.”

Well said. Rest in peace, Damon Janes.