Update 2:50 p.m.: Foley: ‘We Weren’t Under Any Obligation To Disclose The Information’

MAYVILLE – Jury selection for the high-profile, second-degree murder trial for Anthony R. Taglianetti II has been adjourned until 9:30 a.m. Thursday. The same jurors will report.

According to Public Defender Ned Barone, before the jury selection began, he met with District Attorney David Foley and Judge John T. Ward. During that meeting, Barone said it was discovered “information crucial to the case was given to the district attorney, but not to the public defender, in March or April.”

There will be a hearing at 2 p.m. Wednesday to discuss the information. It was unclear if the hearing would be open to the public.

“It’s frustrating,” Barone said, adding he thinks Ward is concerned. He said he could not go into detail about what kind of information was allegedly given to Foley, but not to him.

Foley responded to Barone’s comments on the information in an interview with The Post-Journal on Tuesday afternoon.

“The information isn’t discoverable under the criminal procedure law, so we weren’t under any obligation to disclose the information,” Foley said. “There were also additional reasons that I can’t go into as to why we weren’t in a position to convey this information.”

Taglianetti, a former Dale City, Va., resident is charged with driving to New York and shooting Keith Reed Jr., former superintendent of Clymer Central School, over an alleged affair between Reed and Taglianetti’s wife.

Police named Taglianetti a suspect in the Sept. 21, 2012, murder of Reed. He was taken into custody days later in Virginia, and in December was extradited to Chautauqua County. Taglianetti appeared in court in July for pre-trial hearings on evidence and identification.

Taglianetti has maintained his innocence.

According to Foley, jury selection could take two to two-and-a-half weeks. Approximately 75 people are participating in the first round of jury selection.

“One really never knows (how long jury selection will take),” Foley said previously. “We’re hoping to do it within a couple weeks, two-and-a-half weeks, we would suspect.”

In selecting a jury for the case, Foley said the court is looking for people who will be fair and impartial for the trial. Foley anticipates the trial starting soon after jury selection is complete.

“It depends on when we finish the jury selection,” Foley said. “I’ve scheduled the date for sometime in the beginning of October to commence the trial.”