Water Treatment Building Nearly Complete In Cassadaga

CASSADAGA – The Cassadaga Village Board breathed a sigh of relief at the village board meeting as news was delivered that the capital water project on Maple Street is on the fast track to completion. Work on piping from the new well to the street began earlier this month and the exterior of the water treatment building should be finished by November.

Engineer of the project Greg McCorkhill said, “We are definitely making progress. As soon as it’s closed in, electrical work will begin.”

McCorkhill also said he is in the process of speaking with the project’s contracting company, Kande Co., about reducing the cost of replacing water line connections on North Shore Park.

“Those prices will be a little higher,” McCorkhill said, as more pipe will be needed to complete the replacement.

“We’re seeing what we can do to get the price down. We’re negotiating,” McCorkhill said.

Two lines, both 500 feet in length, need replaced on the horeshoe stretch of road that is North Shore Park. The lines will meet behind homes on the street. The board discussed using a new style of plastic piping for the lines as copper tubing, which has been used for all of the other lines so far, is currently higher in price per foot.

In other news, Street Supervisor Tom Fetter spoke of the end of summer and said they’re done with oil and stone for the season. This week they’re going to start on sidewalks. There are four areas of sidewalk in need of patching including a stretch in front of the post office, two locations on Maple Street and one on High Street.

Mayer LeeAnn Lazarony said, “I’d like to have people know that if they want their sidewalk fixed in front of their house, it will cost $20 per block (of concrete).”

The board approved a motion to begin metering the volume of water coming out of the fire department building and agreed that all water usage needs to be accounted for.

Lazarony said, “We’re going to be under some scrutiny from the USDA if everything is not perfect.”

Fetter said he would begin looking into the purchase of a metering device.

Trustee Valerie Culverwell said she has discussed the topic of making Park Avenue a seasonal one way street with residents from two homes who both gave the idea a thumbs up. Five of seven houses on the street are vacation homes owned by people who only stay on weekends, so Culverwell said she will have to discuss the matter further with homeowners at a later date.

Trustee Jeffrey Frick brought up solutions for the town’s brush pile and its increasing size, which has been discussed at several previous board meetings.

“Isn’t there something we can do?” asked Clerk Roxanne Astry.

“It should be ground,” Frick said.

Fetter plans on researching quotes for the rental of a tub grinder.

Lastly, the village is accepting bids for a kitchen remodel in the village hall on Mill Street. The kitchen needs a new floor, a new countertop and several items repainted. Specific information can be found at www.cassadaganewyork.org and bids are due by Oct. 2.

The next village board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the village hall at 22 Mill St. in Cassadaga.