Residents Shouldn’t Have To Clutter Porches With Recyclables

To The Reader’s Forum:

People who know me know I am a recycling nut.

I’ve been wanting to write regarding this subject for quite a spell and was encouraged by a recent article put out by the P-J regarding the BPU’s recycling system, which to me is stupid.

It’s a law for a reason – to encourage it. Seems to me when I go through the city on particular garbage nights people do indeed throw out glass, plastic, etc. – or simply litter our streets with these goods. Plastic is the number one thing I see laying about in our streets and metal in garbage bins in city parks. Someone explained to me a long time ago from the garbage department that their station is much too small to handle all these items – paper, metal, box board (cereal/pasta/soda) boxes, etc. Why not invest a small portion of your profits into a bigger chunk of land and build a bigger transfer station?

Margin of profit too small? Many retailers like Wal Mart and Tops operate on a small profit margin and seem to have money to renovate/open new stores. We may not be either of those stores, but a better, rejuvenated system I think would be more encouraging to those who aren’t so recycling savvy to recycle more. A city that’s trying to revitalize itself shouldn’t be expecting its residents to clutter their porches with recyclables.

Russell J. Fowler