An Example Of Hatred And Intolerance

About six weeks ago, a mother of an autistic 13 year old received an anonymous letter from an irate woman who was put out that she had to endure the “noise” made by the young man when he played at his grandmother’s home while in her care.

The letter expressed the disgust of the put out, violated woman, who told the mother of the autistic boy that he would never amount to anything, never be able to get any kind of a job, never find a girl to love him, and when his parents left this earth, other people would be saddled with him as a burden or albatross around their necks.

This very outspoken woman, hiding behind her anonymity, which obviously made her much braver than she really is, said that the mother of this child should do the world a favor and euthanize the young man and donate his usable parts to science, which is all he would possibly be good for.

I can’t tell you how much I cringed as I penned this piece, thinking of how this woman could even consider herself as a human being. I know many who heard this story, when it came out, felt the same way.

In one of my Facebook posts after this horrendous woman sent this letter, I described this heinous woman’s attitude as Hitleristic, and I still believe this to be the nicest thing I can say about this evil, evil woman.

How dare she even utter these words without her tongue falling out?

First of all, she displayed the most egregious act of cowardice by sending the letter anonymously. If she wanted credibility she should have had the guts to sign her name, so the mother of this young man could know her attacker and face her as she was being beaten by this woman’s hatred, intolerance, stupidity, insensitivity, and bigotry. I mistakenly thought this Hitler-like woman was from this country, but later learned she was from Canada.

I offer my sympathies to Canada and Canadians who have to claim this cruel and insensitive woman as one of their citizens. She is an embarrassment to the country in which she resides, and if Canada could, they should tie her hands, blindfold her, and have her just start walking.

The only problem with that is that she’d probably walk over the Canadian/United States boarder and become the problem of the USA, and we have enough to deal with here.

This woman also stated that her “normal” children were being affected in a negative way by having to be around, or hear this autistic young man expressing his joy and happiness as he played. If you ask me, her “normal” children are already suffering in a real negative way, but not from being near this young man’s expressions of glee, but by having been the child of this horrific woman, but it is not their fault, as you cannot blame a child for who his parents are and what they believe.

As I penned this particular column, I found myself running out of the horrible character traits I felt this woman has exhibited and ran out of adjectives with which to describe this alleged daughter of evil. I am still outraged and appalled at the whole existence of this situation.

I am sickened by this, and all types of intolerance that show the audacity and overbearance of some people who have no feelings for anyone else but themselves and think they have the right to call themselves parents when they teach certain attitudes and hatreds like these to their own children. I wish I could express my true feelings concerning this woman and her outrageously unfeeling comments and attitude. She, and those who might agree with her, suffer from a disease that should warrant a lifetime quarantine from the rest of the world.

It is ironic that she feels the mother of the young man should move away, or go play somewhere else so as not to be around the “normal” children and influence or disturb any of them. Maybe she should be forced to go away from the “not normal” people, which I consider myself one, so as not to infect anyone with her “germs” of hatred.

I agree that everyone is entitled to think and feel the way they want, and this coward of a woman has exercised that right through her ignorant letter to this loving mother, however wrong she was in doing it, in what she said, and especially in how she did it. On the other side of the fence, I am exercising my right with my expressions of disgust and my opinionated description of this “person” who is so worried about this autistic young man’s future that she would suggest someone take that future away from him and his family.

If this woman thinks there is one too many “diseased” persons in the world, she is correct, but the “diseased” person in this case isn’t the son of the woman who received the letter, it is the woman who actually penned the letter.