County Home Is Not An Asset

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have been reading with interest the articles on the County Nursing home and why it should be sold. The problem is that those who favor keeping the home a county operation do not do so because it is good business, good for the taxpayer or good for the residents. Their motives are purely political.

Never was that more evident than this mornings statements from the Democratic candidate for county executive. First he says he knows how to turn the nursing home around. One can only assume that he will not share this knowledge with us or any of the other counties losing valuable tax dollars to a nursing home until after he is elected.

For the purpose of this article let us assume he can stop the flow of tax dollars to the home by raising the income level to pay expensses and contribute back to county, town and school coffers. This would seem to be a full-time job. I don’t think electing a nursing home administrator instead of a county executive is good for the county.

Back when the first offer to buy ways on the table I phoned many of the county legislators including the gentleman representing Dunkirk. His statement was many of his constituents want to keep the home in Dunkirk. When I said it would be there and a business providing jobs paying taxes, etc., his answer was we feel that the jail is in the south so we have to have something to get our fair share.

Finally one of our legislators when interviewed about another, I want to be sure that they are willing to lose money to keep the home open. The answer is all private entities put up their own money with the possibilities of loss, the legislator does not seem willing to put up his money, but the taxpayers.

I would suggest that all re-read carefully the Democrat candidate for county executive’s statement about “Assets” in (Saturday’s) article.

Whatever he is saying it is not about an asset.

James Walker