Cummins, Frewsburg CS Retain Leads

After the Scrabble tournament held at the Jamestown YMCA and the women’s miniature golf event at Pro Putt in Warren, Cummins (Large Division) and Frewsburg Central School (Small Division) continue to lead the way in the YMCA’s 26th annual Battle of the Businesses.

Cummins point count is 1,180 while Frewsburg has a 1,000-point total after Friday’s events.

GA Family Services at Lutheran had the most points (290) against Cummins (272) in the Scrabble event for the Large Division. Teammates were Kathy Brunco and Alicia Ross.

WCA Hospital finished in third place.

In the Small Division, Jamestown Bar Association & City Court (253) was the victor followed by Allied Fire Protection & Joo-Dee TV and The Post-Journal.

At the miniature golf event, the Large Division GA Family Services at Lutheran team scored the lowest number of points to capture the win against second-place finisher Jamestown BPU. Falconer Central School got the 90 points for third.

For the Small Division, Panama Central School won the event receiving 100 points for its overall battle score. In second place was BWB and Frewsburg Central School took third.

Large Division

Cummins 1,180

Jamestown BPU 1,110

Jamestown Teachers Association 1,050

WCA Hospital 1,045

SKF Aeroengine 1,020

Falconer Central School 1,003

Hope’s Windows 958

Southwestern Central School District 895

Truck-Lite Co., LLC 895

Cassadaga Job Corps Academy 875

GA Family Services at Lutheran 860

Chautauqua County Government 835

TitanX Engine Cooling 730

Small Division

Frewsburg Central School 1,000

Jamestown Mattress 955

The Jock Shop & CSI 945

Matco Tools 870

BWB 833

Jamestown Bar Association & City Court 830

Rand & SKM 795

Hanson Sign Companies 770

Panama Central School 750

Libera, Inc. 728

Allied Fire Protection & Joo-Dee TV 725

Moore & Myott, LLP & Trinity Biotech 675

Greater Chautauqua Federal Credit Union 595

The Post-Journal 570

Northwest Savings Bank Jamestown Divi. 475