Viaduct Vintage Grand Opening Today

For a stroll down memory lane, one needs not venture any further than the bottom of Main Street downtown.

Viaduct Vintage, a new high-quality antique and memorabilia store, is opening at 38 Main St. in Jamestown. Its proprietors, Ben Osman and Chad Nelson, are excited to offer the area vintage, genuine and refurbished antiques, some of which were recovered from houses and buildings right here in Jamestown.

“What we’re after and the stuff that people are really looking for is industrial and mid-century items,” Nelson said. “Anything from that era is very sought after. Jamestown, being a manufacturing mecca in its time with regard to furniture, it’s a really good place to look for classic and vintage furniture.”

Nelson pointed out a table and chair set featured in the store, which is a feudal oak set crafted in Jamestown during the furniture boom.

“This piece was an early Jamestown Lounge piece from the 1880s,” Nelson said. “There’s so many great antiques from that era still here, and it seemed right to start a store that features it, since so many people in the area are really looking for it.”

“There’s some places selling a lot of low-end stuff around, but we want to emphasize that we’re not a junk store,” Osman said. “You’re not going to find boxes on the floor to shuffle through. We’re more interested in providing high-end antiques for our customers.”

However, the store will feature more than just local antiques. Viaduct Vintage has a wall dedicated to the art of Casey Brink, a local artist who attended JCC and Buffalo State. Additionally, Osman said that he anticipates Viaduct Vintage will begin buying and selling gold in the coming months. However, for now, the owners are concerned with finding the items in the city and surrounding areas that might have been forgotten about.

“We go to estate sales, look at basements and barns, and we’re really looking for treasure there,” Nelson said. “This city is full of so many high-quality items, and we want to make that available to our customers.”

Nelson currently runs an operation called Frew-Run Streamline Restoration, and an antique shop seemed like the next logical step.

“(Osman) and I shared an interest in finding antiques, and we’re very passionate about it,” Nelson said. “It’s a great opportunity to go into business with someone whose interest align as well as ours do, and we’d really like to share our passion with everyone in the area.”

The grand opening for Viaduct Vintage is today. Hours of operation will be 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, however guests may call ahead at 450-7582 for special appointments.

“We really want to bring a new type of energy to the city,” Nelson said.