Frewsburg Rest Home To Hold Drill Sunday

FREWSBURG – This weekend the Frewsburg Rest Home will declare an emergency. This emergency will be so severe that it will require the evacuation of every resident, visitor and staff member in the home at that time.

Frewsburg Volunteer firefighters will be on the scene. All off-duty employees of the Rest Home will be called in, and buses will be rushed over from the Frewsburg Central School to transport all to a safe “stop-over point.” While at the stop-over point it will be determined whether the residents can return to the home or if long-term housing accommodations need to be made.

And not one thing will be done to prevent this incident. This is because the Frewsburg Fire Department and the Frewsburg Rest Home will be conducting an emergency evacuation exercise.

“These drills allow us to sharpen our skills and work closely with our emergency responders.” said Dennis R. Bechmann, the home’s administrator. “This is a huge undertaking, and as always, resident safety is our No. 1 priority. Practice may not make perfect as the old saying goes but practice can save lives in an emergency situation.”

The event is scheduled to take place Sunday morning. In addition to drills such as Sunday’s, the facility conducts monthly fire drills, an annual fire school, and partial evacuations.

The Frewsburg Rest Home is an 80-bed Assisted Living Facility serving Chautauqua and Warren County seniors since 1974. For more information call Dennis, Tammy or Steve at 569-3095.