Delay Obamacare

To The Reader’s Forum:

Key Obamacare architect, Senator Max Baucus, says that it’s an oncoming “a train wreck.” Dr. Howard Dean, liberal presidential contender in 2004, now admits that IPAB in Obamacare is indeed a rationing panel. Still, there is time to delay its implementation. In fact, President Obama himself delayed the employer mandate on big business for one year, after he said that everybody has to play by the same rules. With a wink and a nod from the President, Congress, like big business, recently received a special waiver. That leaves the rest of us left to play by the rules. Since President Obama said that everybody has to play by the same rules, wouldn’t it make sense to at least delay Obamacare for everybody and not just for some?

Obamacare has taxpayer subsidies for people who qualify. However, the oversight and rules for acquiring the subsidies are inadequately prepared for next year’s due date. So, the president has arbitrarily decided that “the honor system” will suffice. His “we’ll-just take-their-word-for-it” policy makes taxpayer subsidies easy pickings for defrauding billions out of the system. If welfare fraud isn’t bad enough, we haven’t seen anything yet with Obamacare woefully unprepared. Wouldn’t it make sense to at least delay its implementation since vitally important checks against fraud aren’t even in place yet?

In July, I received a letter from my insurance company saying that my policy will be terminated due to Obamacare. I must go to the state exchange to purchase a policy, but President Obama said that if we liked our current health care we could keep it. I like my policy and my doctor. I want to keep them both. Now, I can’t. If President Obama wants to keep his word, wouldn’t it make sense for him to at least delay its implementation?

As part of the upcoming continuing resolution to fund the government, let’s have Congress and the President agree to delay funding of Obamacare while funding the rest of government. That way, government runs as it always has without Obamacare and the looming train wreck of Obamacare along with the government rationing panel and the wide-scale potential for massive fraud in Obamacare can be wisely avoided. Besides, since everyone isn’t playing by the same rules and many of us won’t be able to keep our health-care policy, delaying Obamacare would extend the opportunity for the President to make good on his word.

Rev. Mel McGinnis