Amish Life Endures

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have to agree with the lady who wrote concerning the Amish amongst us when you see an Amishman driving his buggy down the road. You are looking at living history. these people have been living the simple life for two hundred years. They are quiet but friendly, the kind of people anyone would want for a neighbor. They can also be very helpful at times.

They ask for nothing, but have been known to give a lot. The best thing you can do for an Amishman is to allow him his solitude.

This country is going through hard times right now. No jobs, 50% on the government dole, but the Amishman plods along. While we in he community are going broke, suffering losses, etc., the Amishman left to his devices will survive.

When things get better you’ll see the same Amishman driving his horse and buggy down the road, no worse for wear, like nothing ever happened.

John Wallon