Talent On Display

Infinity Visual and Performing Arts kept downtown Jamestown rocking all evening long.

Infinity has spent the past 10 years celebrating local music with an annual showcase, and evening’s event featured more acts and more venues than ever before Saturday. A total of 40 acts participated at 10 downtown Jamestown venues, including: Mojo’s, Shawbucks, Cibo, The Pub, Labyrinth Press Company, Forte, The Wine Cellar, The Reg Studio Theater, Jamestown Skate Products and the Infinity Arts Cafe.

By participating in the event, the bands receive advertising on Infinity’s poster, and in the program booklet. The experience also gives artists, venues and the community the opportunity to get acquainted with each other, which has the potential of leading to future gigs for local and regional musicians.

More Local Music Showcase Videos Available At: www.youtube.com/user/PostJournal

According to Shane Hawkins, executive director for Infinity, the evening of the Local Music Showcase is the best night to be out in downtown Jamestown.

“It’s the best night of the year for music in Jamestown,” Hawkins said. “It’s great night for Infinity too, because everyone knows the event is for Infinity and they are stepping up to support us. It’s a huge group of people, all doing good things for the program and the community.”

The evening was kicked off at the Infinity Arts Cafe by Collective Groove, which featured eight Infinity students, including: Xavier Sommerville, hand drums; Ryan Hawkins, steel drums; Irys McKotch, steel drums; Alec Hawkins, steel drums; Stephanie Benson, vocals and auxiliary percussion; Zac Ricker, keyboard and steel drums; Ryan Sandberg, drums and steel drums; and Tommy Gerace, drum set.

Later in the evening, Infinity students Ryan Hawkins and Hayley Restivo, who have formed a band called SYMBA, announced that they would be celebrating the release of their new album, which will feature at least 10 original tunes. The duo will host a free CD release party on Friday, Nov. 15, at the Infinity Arts Cafe.

According to Sarah Marchitelli, Infinity’s music coordinator, the Local Music Showcase is the perfect opportunity for area residents to explore the various venues located in downtown Jamestown.

“This is such a great evening for Chautauqua County and Jamestown,” Marchitelli said. “We have 10 different local venues all participating in this event, plus 40 ensembles participating across the city. It’s a lot of fun for everybody involved, including the volunteers, bands and everybody who comes to the event.”

In addition to playing a key role in hosting the program, Marchitelli participated by performing at Labyrinth Press Company as a saxophone duo with Jacob Swanson.

In honor of the 10th anniversary celebration, a drawing for a guitar and amplifier, donated by Trinity Guitars, was held during the evening. The proceeds from the sale of tickets for the drawing will be split between Infinity and the St. Susan Center.

The event itself serves as a major fundraiser for Infinity, which is not funded by county, state or federal sources. According to Hawkins, the community’s support is essential to the program’s existence, and 10 percent of the program’s budget comes from fundraising efforts such as Local Music Showcase.

For more information, call 664-0991 or visit www.infinityperformingarts.org.