Education System Is A Lie

To The Reader’s Forum:

One of the biggest problems facing our country is failing public Education.

The difficulty as I see it we go to the ones who broke it to fix it. As a county, state and nation we are controlled by “Professional Politicians” and their agenda and plan is to get re-elected. Let us look the ‘No Child Left Behind” plan failed, so we replaced it with “Race to the Top,” written and voted in by the same groups that gave us the former.

Since our schools have been controlled by the politicians we have steadily lost ground. In New York, local school boards are almost a complete waste of time every thing is prescribed by the state or federal legislature. The question becomes how do we take this out of the political arena and put it back in the hands of parents locally. We must first look at how we lost this control – we gave it to Congress to get our tax money back. We sold our children’s future to politicians to hopefully get our tax money back.

Do you think we will ever learn that not all problems should be turned over to the government?

In New York the biggest lie ever told has gone from “Your check is in the mail” to “Its for the kids.”

Yet we buy into it every time.

Jim Walker