Fishing Report


Walleye fishing has been good out of the Chautauqua County harbors of Barcelona and Dunkirk. The walleye are scattered in deeper water between 75 to 100 feet of water off Barcelona.

Trollers are seeing some good action off the Brocton Shoal. Dunkirk anglers are working the water both east and west of the harbor in the same depths.

The walleye action was good last weekend near the international line off Cattaraugus Creek with some limit-catches reported.

West of Dunkirk, walleye trollers also see the occasional steelhead, brown trout or lake trout catch. Anglers should run “cheater lines” for some supplemental steelhead action. A cheater line can be 6 to 8 feet of fluorocarbon line with a snap swivel on one end and spoon on the other.

There are good lake trout catches to be had between Dunkirk and the Pennsylvania border at depths of more than 75 feet. Flashy spoons run off downriggers near the bottom can bring in consistent catches of lake trout averaging 6 to 8 pounds, with the occasional fish pushing the 20-pound mark.

Yellow perch action generally heats up in late summer. Anglers have been finding feeding schools deep off Cattaraugus Creek and Silver Creek in 70 to 85 feet of water. Minnows fished near the bottom produced good catches including some limits. Some decent perch catches also came just east of Dunkirk in 60 to 70 feet of water.

Smallmouth bass fishing has picked up around reefs in shoal areas. A good areas to try is Van Buren Reef. Drop-shot rigs combined with crayfish, minnows, tube jigs or other plastic baits work well.


Musky fishing has been solid this past week. Trollers have caught musky along weed edges on stickbaits and bucktail trolling spinners and some suspended musky have been caught over depths of 20 to 25 feet in the northern basin off Chautauqua Institution.

Largemouth bass fishing is good along weed edges, pockets and around docks. Top-water lures, weedless-rigged power worms and wacky-rigged rubber worms work good around docks in the Southern Basin. Bluegill fishing is good in the same areas. A simple bobber and worm set-up or small jigs with wax worms works well.

Anglers are starting to catch some walleye around the rims of the deep holes.


Thick schools of white bass were providing some awesome fishing at Broderick Park. The white bass are keying on schools of small emerald shiners moving along the shoreline towards Lake Erie. White bass are easily caught near the surface when they push a school of emerald shiners to the surface (to feed on). Small white twister tails on a hook or small jig head and emerald shiners work great.

Broderick Park anglers also report decent yellow perch fishing.

Repairs to Bird Island Pier have finally been completed and the barricade has been removed. Anglers can once again fish from this pier that separates the Black Rock Canal from the Niagara River. Smallmouth bass fishing is generally good at this time of year on the river-side of the pier, south of the Peace Bridge. Boaters target smallmouth bass around Strawberry, Motor and Grand Islands. Drifting outside weed edges with a three-way bottom bouncing rig and crayfish is a good bet.