Community Helped Me Through A Stressful Time

To The Reader’s Forum:

I’ve just returned back to Washington State from Jamestown and would like to personally thank the following businesses who helped facilitate the transformation of my brother’s bedroom. My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now bedridden until he regains his strength.

Our last weekend together was quite hectic trying to find a twin bed big enough to fit my once six foot-four brother, but there were a few bright spots during this frantic ordeal. I would like to personally acknowledge the help of the following local businesses.

A very nice gentleman named Mike at Helping Hands, located in the Gateway Center on Water St, offered my family a complete hospital bed for free; however, due to our two-story home, we could not use it. Then a family friend offered us a twin bed, but we needed to make it long enough to fit our youngest brother, thankfully Jamestown Mattress did have an extra long mattress and side rails. The rails were in stock and the workers made his firm mattress in one day. I was granted a discount for being a veteran and that helped pay Uncle Sam, which I was truly thankful for.

All this maneuvering of old bedding and new bedding took many hours and family members. Unfortunately, my 11 year-old son was not handling his uncle’s illness too well so I wanted to find a safe place for him to relax during the big move. But where can I take my young tween in Jamestown? A comic book store! Chautauqua Comics kindly offered to allow my son to play his Magic card game for a few hours in a clean, upstairs area; this eased my stress level considerably and allowed me to focus on getting the bed set up quickly.

My month-long visit to Jamestown flew by; however it was not as stressful as I imagined it would be thanks to wonderful folks at Helping Hands, Jamestown Mattress, and Chautauqua Comics.

With warmest regards,

Amy K. Tribble,

MSgt, USAF Retired

Yelm, Wash.