Bald Is Beautiful

CLYMER -The residents of Clymer gave a good showing recently at a fundraiser for cancer research.

Clymer goes Bald for Bucks, a fundraising event which supports the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, was held at Clymer Town Park. The event was not only well-attended, thanks partially to good weather and the altruistic residents of Clymer, but also saw 15 people shave their heads to raise money for cancer research, and nine more who donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love.

Those who attended the event but did not shave their heads or donate their hair did so to enjoy Matt White’s barbecue chicken. White was taught to cook by his late father, who lost a battle with esophageal cancer, and has been doing so for 23 years. All 200 dinners prepared by White were sold, with the proceeds also going toward the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Heather Goree, Clymer Central School kindergarten teacher and organizer of the event, doubled down by donating 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love, then shaved the rest off.

Although baldness is a new look for Goree, she is simply happy to help.

“Most people ask me what it’s like to have a shaved head,” Goree said. “I always comment that I love my new look, especially knowing that it is helping other people in the fight against a terrible disease. Some people look at me strangely and ask why I did it, and the answer is very simple: it’s just hair, and I’m fortunate that mine will grow back. Some (who undergo radiation therapy) can’t say that, so I’m more than happy to help others.”

To date, this is Goree’s fifth time donating to Locks of Love.

While the event has already raised close to $7,000, which is twice the amount of the anticipated goal, additional donations will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 13. All proceeds raised will be used for research, early detection and awareness and patient care purposes by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, through the Roswell Park Alliance Fund, out to which donations by check may be made.

Additionally, donations may be sent to Heather Goree, PO Box 386, Clymer, NY, 14724. Donations may also be submitted online at

Goree would like to thank all of the families, friends, community residents, subsequent event organizers and volunteers who helped to make the 2013 Bald for Bucks campaign a success, as well as all those who plan to but have yet to donate.