Trap Leagues

Celoron won the second half of the Chautauqua County Trap League with a win over Busti, 346-345.

Celoron will shoot off with Randolph at field day on Saturday at Busti for the championship.

Other action saw Randolph downing Carroll, 345-342.

Perfect scores were shot by Carroll’s Doug Gray and Ray Lee. It was Gray’s first 25 and 50 in the league. Also with perfect scores were Randolph’s D.M. Bifaro, Gary Sickles and Kim Milford; Celoron’s Kevin Sturzenbecker, Dave Davies and Dave Kingsley; and Busti’s Dave Sena and Jim Bessey.

High lady was Tiffany Decker with 49. High juniors were Luke Gray and Karly Studley with 45s and the high sub junior was Dalton Becker with 49. High vets were Kingsley and Lee with their 50s. High senior vets were Tom Sleeman, Gary Johnson and Tage Grant with 49s. High super senior vets were Davies and Sickles with their 50s.

CELORON (346): Kevin Sturzenbecker, Dave Davies and Dave Kingsley, 50, Gary Johnson, Dalton Becker, Danny Ficaria and Bob Faga, 49.

BUSTI (345): Dave Sena and Jim Bessey, 50, Elijah Trawick, Tiffany Decker, Bob Price, Tage Grant and Jim Hannon, 49.

RANDOLPH (345): D.M. Bifaro, Gary Sickles and Kim Milford, 50, Skip Frazier, Bill Congdon and Jim Congdon, 49, D.J. Bifaro, 48.

CARROLL (342): Doug Gray and Ray Lee, 50, Tom Sleeman and Jim Nowacki, 49, John Foster, Ed McCullough and Paul Prentice, 48.