Golf Leagues

Team No. 14, consisting of Pete Hofert, Dave Peck, Chuck Briggs and John Minavio, were the second-half champions of the Youngsville Area Senior Golf League at Maplehurst Country Club on Wednesday.

Hofert shot a 37 gross and Bob Howles a 34 net to lead the way.

Frank Suppa picked up two birdies while one each was recorded by Peck, Henry Beitsinger, Bob Waterman, Bob Petroline and Bob Bires.

– – –

Lynn Radack and Pat Weeks recorded 42s in the Tuesday Night Ladies League at South Hills Country Club.

Radack also picked up a birdie on No. 17.

Nancy Philbrick 44, Gretchen Nasman 45, Mary Green 46, Sandy Haines 46, Patty Lundin 47, Tammy Hartzell 49, Michele Mole 49, Marty Carcione 50, Pat Dispenza 50, Anne Smith 50, Sue Fulford 51, Rita Newell 51, Sally Buffone 53, Marcia Matteo 53, Sharon Dowd 54, Dot Fulton 54, Diane Montagna 54, Mary Lou Scully 54, Diane Carlos 55, Donna Johnson 55, Shirley Smith 55.

– – –

Helen Adams delivered a 38 gross and Cheryl Johnson a 30 net in Class A of the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Willow Run Golf Course.

Brownie Eggleston and Marsha Gastol had the fewest putts with 14 in Class A.

Roxie Maytum shot a 49 gross and Kathy Yaw and Pat Fincher shared honors with a 33 net in Class B where Peggy Cross recorded the least amount of putts with 15.

– – –

Sally Dilts, Amy Weaver, Joan Warner and Carole Williams won Scramble Tournament in the Wednesday Ladies League at Breezewood Links.

Dilts captured the longest drive and Janet Kulig was the closest to the pin.

– – –

Janet Kulig delivered a 49 with a birdie in the Wednesday Night Snap Fitness League at Willow Run Golf Course.

Kerry Coan and Bonnie Harlow connected for 40s, Angie Giuffre a 43 and Brownie Eggleston a 45.

– – –

Sonia Probst shot a 44 gross and Sue Ferranto and Sue Sumner carded 36 net scores in the First Flight of Thursday A. M. Ladies League at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Jill Dart delivered a 51 gross and Mary Mackey a 54 in the First Flight.

Shirley Pearson had a 38 net and Carol Sorg a 39 in the First Flight with the tournament won by Grace Barkstrom.

In Second Flight, Annie Selan came up with a 54 gross, Judy Larson a 56 and Betty McPherson a 59.

Marge Sickler led the Net Division with a 35 followed by Lucy Cook with a 37 and Elsa Hern with a 43. Judy Scalise was the tournament winner.

Georgie Campbell had a 59 gross, Sue Scalise had a 61 and JoAnn Anderson a 67 in Third Flight.

Jackie Darling connected for a 34 net, Nancy Phillips had a 35 and Fran Bauer a 39.

– – –

Brownie Eggleston fired a 38 to pace the Willowettes Ladies League at the Willow Run Golf Course.

Joan Weaver and Janet Kulig connected for 40s.

June Kent 42, Gail Winters 44, Pat Portale 45.

– – –

Dick Cole was the medalist with a 71 in the men’s day results at Conewango Valley Country Club on Thursday.

Rick Bakewell and Joe Bellitto shot a 62 to take the 18-hole best-ball event followed by Dave Pearson and Greg Gross with a 63.

Tied at 64 were Phil Mathyer and Ron Leofsky, Andy Benson and Bart Jensen, John Villella and Tom Drennen, and Anthony Cusimano and Chris Patric.

Bob Follett and Dan Matay shot a 32 for the best for nine holes.

Cole had a 35 in the Nicklaus Flight trailed by George Adams and Bill Andrews with 36s. Jerry Bancroft led the special event with a 12.

Bob Gray’s 40 paced the Woods Flight. Jensen, Cusimano, Bob McGinn and Ryan Calkins were second with 41s.

Mike Barber won the special event with a nine.

Andy Benson and Chuck Caldwell drilled 40s for first place in the Snead Flight. Bob Crowley carded a 41 for third place and Bill Turner’s nine captured the special event.

Rick Bakewell carded a 44 and Villella a 45 for second place in the Hogan Flight.

Mathyer paced the special event with a seven.

Greg Gross had a 49 and Richard Fisher a 50 in the Palmer Flight, which had Rick Seager won special event with a four.

– – –

Sandy Pratt fired a 39 to lead the Parteers League at Willow Run Golf Course.

Sharon Casselman 40, Chris Anderson 41, Susie Stuart 41, Mindy Brayo 42, Karen Bjorkholm-Leeper 43, Janice Brown 46, Susan McLorg-Moore 47.

– – –

Mark Gilbert carded a 1-under-par 35 to lead the Wednesday Night Men’s League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Larry Webb was the runnerup with a 39.

Mark Gilbert 35, Larry Webb 39, Tom Short 41, Kelbie Felt 42, Brad Houghwot 42, Marty Allen 43, Jim Saxton 44, Doug Smith 46, Keith Smith 46, Francis Southwick 46, Mike Yuchnitz 47, Larry Beagle 47, Carl Brown 48, Stacey Kickbush 48, Steve Johnson 48.

– – –

Dave Johnson fired a 42 in pacing the Thursday Night Men’s League at the WoodCrest Golf Course.

Scott Cookson was second with a 46.

Bruce Myers 49, Carl Braun 49, Rod Eggleston 49, Rich Parkhurst 49.

– – –

Anita Luce shot 46 to pace the action in the Wednesday Night Ladies League at Cassadaga Country Club.

Gayle McKinney and Janet Meyer teamed for a 24 in best-ball play and Luce was closest to the pin.

Gross scores: Connie Dugas 47, Linnea Nichols 48, Lori Danforth 48, Cindy Chimera 48, Michelle Helmer 48, Jodi Hoffman 48, Sue Grace 49, Gayle McKinney 49, Pat Kaus 49

Best-Ball: Laura Wintersteen-Stacy Wintersteen 26, Mary Haight-Lori Danforth 28, Judy Wallin-Dianne Cornell 28, Nancy Mangine-Linda Roos 29, Marcia Sherwood-Sharon Harrington 30, Tara Hayes-Jodi Fanara 30, Annita Luce-Cindy Chimera 31, Peggy Walker-Erin Loomis 31, Michelle Helmer-Donna Frost 31, Sue Grace-Connie Dugas 32, Jodi Hoffman-Melissa Kelly 32, Bev Cross-Deb McCown 32.

In the Mini Mulligan League at Sunset Valley Golf Course, Nan Verga was the low shooter with 38.

Dottie Larson 41, Cris Herbst 41, Suzy Panebianco 42, Pat Ruttenbur 42, Carolyn Thomas 43, Brenda Johnson 44, Shirley Klein 44, Carol Rivera 44, Laurie Wilcox 48, Val Brunco 50.

Tom Gauronski fired a 35 for the low gross and also earned low net honors with 32 in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Cassadaga Country Club.

Kent Marsh birdied the 12th hole, Ernie Kuzdale eagled No. 14 and Rob Kahle was closest to the pin on No. 15.

Gross scores: Scott Johnson 38, Kerry Murphy 38, Rob Kahle 39, Joe Tramuta 40, Mike Schwertfager 40, Chip White 40, Josh Brumigin 41, Don Meder 41, Dan Butts 42, Harry Eppinger 42, Kent Marsh 42, Bob Smith 42.

Betsy Morando and Jane Bly combined to shoot 62 and take first place in alternate shot action during the Ladies League at Moon Brook Country Club.

Sue Moran and Robin Michos were second with 66 and Pam Shay and Terri Toter took third with 68.

Nolan Swanson shot a 34 to top the low gross scoring in the Men’s Merchant League at Pinehurst Golf Course.

T.J. Brown and Jake Weingart tied for the low net with 30s.

Brad Smith was closest to the pin on No. 4 and Scott Leamer was closest on No. 7.

Gross scores: Brad Smith 35, Scott Jagoda 36, Lyndon Smith 37, Scott Cooper 40, Dick Frost 40, Chris Beehler 40, Cory Sands 40, Gary Arnold 41, Scott Leamer 41, Dennis Willebrandt 41, Ricky Pratt 42, Jon Coe 42, Bob North 42, Josh Cole 43.

Net scores: Bill Shields 31, Bob Warsitz 32, Nick Vacanti 33, Jim Harper 33, Bill Ottaway 34, Jeff Jaynes 34.

– – –

Tim Hall and Devin Burch delivered a 4-under-par 32 to win the two-man best-ball event in the Men’s Scratch League at the Bemus Point Golf Club.

Tom Crist and Joe Kaczar fired a 3-under-par 33 and as did Kenny Woodfield and Brandon Waite to tie for second place.

Kenny Woodfield was the medalist with a 33 followed by Tom Crist, Tim Hall, Scott Kelemen and Curt Miceli with 35s.

Miceli was closest to the pin on No. 2 and Scott Kelemen on No. 6.

Terry Hall 37, Marcus Lutgen 37, Paul Secky 39, Bob Winchester 39, Brandon Waite 39, Justin Hanft 39, Devin Burch 39.

– – –

Dave Lipsey, Brian Eckwahl, Jamie Carlson and Bill Briggs took first place with 37 points in using the Stableford Scoring System in the Wednesday Night Men’s League at the Bemus Point Golf Club.

Second place was taken by Ted Farnham, Larry Malloy, Dave Kolstee, and Bill Jowett along with Curt Miceli, Bob Winchester, Ryan Kelley and Randy Bland with 27s.

Miceli had the lowest round with a 34 and Lipsey recorded a 29 net.

Gross Division: Randy Chamberlin 39, Terry Hall 39, Dave Lipsey 39, John Chairot 41, Ted Farnham 41, Brian Eckwahl 42, Jamie Carlson 42, Bruce Thompson 42.

Net Division: Bill Briggs 31, Curt Miceli 32, Randy Chamberlain 32, Tom Szydlo 32, John Chairot 32, Dave Kolstee 32, Dale Bottomley 33, Jamie Carlson 33, Herb Rice 33, Ted Farnham 33, Jim Lucey 34, Larry Malloy 35.