A Salute To The Laborers

Tomorrow marks the unofficial end of summer, the official beginning of a new school year, and one more celebration as the fall season makes its way into our lives, with the anticipation of those crisp evenings, the beautiful colors which Mother Nature paints in her trees and foliage, and we celebrate another Labor Day when we honor the backbone of this nation, the laborer … the worker!

So here’s to all those who go off to work each day, to those who can rightfully enjoy their retirement from their jobs/professions, and to those who are and were willing to work hard but unfortunately, are/were not able to due to struggling economies or to legitimate illness or injury.

Today the “Voice from the Bullpen” toasts: those in the military, law enforcement (all levels), investigation, and fire protection. We salute teachers, teachers’ aides, school cafeteria personnel, school custodians, school bus drivers, coaches, counselors, other school maintenance personnel, and educational administrators. We salute all homemakers, pre-school personnel, day care providers, after school program workers, YMCA, and Boys’ and Girls’ Club personnel. We honor private music teachers, dance instructors, and swimming instructors, and all other youth activity personnel.

We salute construction workers, painters, roofers, brick layers, road crews, and all other contractors. We honor architects, builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, glass workers, and woodworkers. We salute machine workers, any and all mechanics, auto body workers, auto assemblers, tool and die makers, and all factory workers and manufacturers.

We honor butchers, bakers (including candy makers), and even candlestick makers. We salute home cleaners, carpet cleaners, clothes cleaners, car washers, window washers, handymen, and maintenance workers. We honor public officials, parks crews, sanitation workers, waste removers, water department personnel, power plant personnel, snow plowers, public works employees, and all public personnel.

We salute all those in medical, emergency, dental, optical and hearing fields, podiatrists, individual specialists, and veterinarians. We honor dieticians, massage therapists, pharmacists and pharmacy personnel, adult care and assisted living personnel. We salute those in the field of physical fitness. We honor psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and all in the field of mental health. We honor those serving in the Red Cross.

We salute restaurateurs, chefs, cooks, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, bus boys, and dish washers. We honor caterers, and small restaurant and “sweet shop” owners and employees. We honor ALL small business owners and operators and all who are employed by them.

The Voice from the Bullpen salutes bus drivers, cab drivers, pilots, ship captains, train operators and all employees in transportation. We honor all those in the legal, insurance, real estate, and financial fields. We salute authors, journalists, artists, projectionists, and those in entertainment. We honor those in the travel business, the hotel/motel business, and those who work in community foundations, museums, and cultural centers.

We salute those in cosmetology, those with tonsorial skills, and those in the animal grooming and training fields. We honor funeral directors, grave diggers, cemetery workers, and florists. We salute telephone, cable, and satellite dish, and utility company personnel.

We honor surveyors, lawn workers, and landscapers (but not the ones who did my lawn). We honor farmers, farm workers, truck drivers, delivery personnel, food processors, grocers, supermarket personnel, and food vendors. We salute everyone who manufactures, assembles, installs, and repairs any and everything we use in our lives today. We honor any and everyone who owns, operates, or works in any type of retail store. We salute all those in sales of any and every kind. We honor computer technicians and programmers, office personnel, and record keepers. We salute photographers, videographers, media personnel, newspaper employees, Internet employees, those in music, radio, movies, and television. We honor wine makers, tour guides, ticket distributors. We salute recyclers of all types.

We honor clergy, postal employees, landlords and ladies, inventors, scientists, researchers, astronomers, astronauts, refinishers, decorators, tailors, seamstresses, screen printers, advertisers, jewelers, movers, and those in storage.

I know in this list I’ve missed some jobs, professions, careers, or means of employment, and I’m sincerely sorry if I did as the point of this article is to pay tribute, salute, and drink a toast to everyone who is a laborer, a worker, be they full or part time, blue or white collar workers, be they employers or employees, or be they minimum wage or huge salary workers. If I missed anyone, please know I salute you as well.

Labor Day is usually looked upon as an end of something. Although it’s celebrated in many places with barbecues, festivals, fireworks and music, many are kind of sad when it comes around, as it means the end of summer, the beginning of school, or the coming of cold weather, and often we don’t think of the meaning of the day, that this day is to honor the workers of this nation. As stated a number of times in this arena, there are no unimportant jobs. Any/every job is important.

Sometimes it might not be the job one might want to have, but the fact that someone’s working is the important aspect. And let’s not forget those who are willing and able to work, but cannot due to disability, or the declining economy and the necessity for many businesses to downsize. In my opinion, those people are still valuable members of the work force because they want to work, but outside circumstances won’t allow it.

It might be said that the backbone of this nation is the working person. It follows the cycle. Employed people earn money, then spend money creating the need for more goods and production, thereby forcing the need for more workers, meaning more income, more spending, etc., etc., etc.

So I guess there’s much credence to that statement. Whether you agree with that philosophy or not, please join me in saluting and congratulating workers, and those who’d work if they could. A tip of the chapeau to all of you. Happy Labor Day! And to all teachers and school personnel, have a great school year.