SAFE Act Repeal Efforts Should Continue

To The Reader’s Forum:

On Sunday morning, August 11, 2013, The Post-Journal printed a letter in their Reader’s Forum about Senator Cathy Young. The writer, I’ll call Sam, condemned Senator Young on her support to repeal the so-called “Safe Act.” When I read this letter, I said to myself, this guy must be a Democrat. He sounds just like Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand, Feinstein and Pelosi. Why do Democrats hate guns?

The Safe Act was passed in Albany in the middle of the night in the backroom where very few people had a chance to read this bill. That should tell you something. Hey! That’s how they do it in Washington too. At least 95 percent of the County Sheriff’s Association wants the Safe Act repealed, or parts of it repealed. It doesn’t work!

Sam, I”m glad you brought up Chicago, where they had 506 murders last year. Illinois and Chicago have very strict gun laws and yet there were 506 murders. Crooks, thieves and murders don’t obey gun laws or any laws. More gun laws go against people like me who have never pointed a gun at anyone.

The Second Amendment is part of our Constitution. The Constitution is the law of the United States of America. I’m sorry to say this, but the Washington administration has walked on, stepped on and just plain ignored our Constitution. From now on I will call Washington, D.C., “The Scandal City.”

Our state Senator Cathy Young is a fine senator; she has accomplished many good things for our area, including trying to repeal this so-called “Safe Act.” The way this law is written, it won’t stop any crime!

Gary Sickles Jr.