Adams Rolls 727 Series At State Lanes

Jon Adams shot a 273-727 in the Fun Couples League at State Lanes on Friday night.

Alex Foti had a 278-244-707 for Brothers Foti in the Hall of Fame Doubles Classic at JBC on Thursday night.

Dan Gould rolled a 258-686 for Himes-Gould, Randy Herron had a 223-235-682 for Southern Tier Supply and Dave Fiorella had a 227-244-682 for Empire Machinery in the same league at JBC.

High games at JBC were a 277 by Howie McIntyre Jr., a 258 by Ray Textor a 257 by Joe Foti and a pair of 255s by Jeff Wadsworth and Brandon Miller.

Jim Suckow hit 233-645 and Chuck Stohlberg added 238-621 in the A.M. Seniors League at JBC.

Jim Elardo rolled a 203-202-208-613 to lead the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

State Lanes: Fun Couples League – Steve Wallace 612, Ken Riley 223-607, Jamie Hall 221-586, Rick Himes 580, Glenn Cornelius 576, Bonita Wallace 501, Becky Donisi 500.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl – Russ Conklin 209-560, Al Conklin 225-550, Roy Carlson 545, Cliff Carlson 515, Don Hilyer 207-511, Joe Mills 502, Carol Mills 487, Joyce Spicer 425.

A.M. Seniors League – Roger Gustafson 201-541.

Hall of Fame Doubles Classic – Bill Thompson 237-658, Howie McIntyre Jr. 653, Tom Volpe 232-650, Chris Conti 242-639, Jeff Wadsworth 636, Brandon Miller 634, Jim Mee 226-629, Ray Textor 613, Joe Foti 600.