Tenth Annual Stahley Reunion Held

The 10th annual Stahley family reunion was held Saturday, Aug. 24. Host for this year’s event was Lori Benson who moved the destination to Shawn and Heather Huntington’s house on Elm Creek Road.

The weather was in the 70s with bright sun. The meeting was opened by Janet Huntington of Randolph. She read last year’s minutes and gave a financial report as of that date.

The oldest family member attending was Naomi Stahley of Falconer at the age of 85. The youngest member was Remington Michael Smith coming in at 11 months.

There were no births or deaths to report. However, there was one wedding to acknowledge – Nikki Hitchcock became the bride of Keith Smallback on Aug. 10, 2013.

Before the meeting a buffet dinner was served including roast beef sandwiches and meatball subs. The reunion featured a variety of other foods and Jan’s famous deviled eggs and the desserts. Corn was provided by the Smallback family.

There were 55 family members in attendance this year. Those who came the farthest were David and Charlotte Stahley, coming in from Springville. The 50/50 this year was won by Nikki Smallback. She won $55.

The auction again raised money for the family funds. There was a kids’ auction so that they could start their corn hole tournament. Kyle Smallback was the highest bidder for the kids with a bid of $5.75 for a football. There were a lot of items that were raffled off. An adult auction was also held.

Jaiden and Chase were this year’s winners in the “kids” division of the corn hold tournament, defeating last year’s winners Kyle Smallback and Haleigh Smith. In the adult division Julie Hitchcock and Keith Smallback defeated last year’s winners John Hitchcock and Heather Huntington.

An inquiry was made into who would host next year’s reunion. Tom and Paige Stahley won out. They will host it at their home in Great Valley. Date and time to be announced.

The reunion started to wind down around 9 with the last people leaving around 10:30. According to Janet Huntington, it was a great reunion and the family hopes to have a great showing again next year.