Lakewood Board Discusses Adult Novelty Store Closing

LAKEWOOD – The case between the owner of Endless Love and Lakewood was discussed by the village’s attorney Monday.

During the regular meeting of the Lakewood Village Board, Edward Wright, village attorney, said the case with Jill Laemmerhirt, Endless Love owner, was resolved Thursday. Wright said he received a phone call Thursday afternoon from Laemmerhirt’s attorney, John Gullo, prior to a court hearing that evening. Wright said he was asked how the case could be resolved that evening during the hearing. Wright said if four conditions were agreed to, the case would reach a conclusion. The village attorney said to Gullo that if Laemmerhirt agrees to remove the store’s sign, close by Saturday and if she honors the village’s zoning code and moratorium, the case will be resolved.

”Both were ignored when she opened this time,” Wright said about the village’s zoning code and moratorium on adult novelty stores.

In June, court proceedings were started by the village against Laemmerhirt for opening an adult novelty business in Lakewood in May. The business is located at 165 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood. The charges against Laemmerhirt alleged that she didn’t get proper permission for the location or approval for a business sign, and was operating in violation of a moratorium.

In April, Laemmerhirt proposed opening a adult-oriented business in the America’s Mattress Plaza, 305 E. Fairmount Ave. The village’s Planning Board approved the proposal, but the owner of the plaza then decided not to lease retail space to Laemmerhirt for the business.

Then in May, the Lakewood Village Board established a moratorium on issuing special-use permits to adult novelty businesses because village officials wanted to address these types of businesses in the village’s zoning laws before allowing one. The moratorium is supposed to last for about six months while village officials address sex-related businesses in its zoning.

On Thursday, Lyle Hajdu, Busti town justice, adjourned the zoning enforcement action against Laemmerhirt for six months on the condition that she closes the adult novelty store.

”At the end of six months, the case will be dismissed,” Gullo said in a statement to The Post-Journal on Friday. ”No party admitted wrongdoing or mistake in this matter. This resolution was agreed to by all parties.”