What A Great Reunion

To The Reader’s Forum:

I and others had the very distinct pleasure this last weekend (Aug 16-19) of attending the 50th anniversary of the Class of 1963 at Randolph Central School! As you might expect, our class , now averaging 68 years old, had changed considerably in appearance! Notably, however, our spirited attitude actually seems to have increased! What fun to catch up with everyone and share our triumphs and tragedies and renew old friendships! Perhaps most notable was the return of our exchange student, Christine Leitzenberger/Pamphlett and her husband David from Austria!

Personally for me, it was great to see how after all these years we were , if anything, even closer as a group than we were “way back when.” Thank you ALL for being my friend after all this time! A special shout out to Donna and her long-suffering hubby, Bill, Minnie, Bill, Pat, Marcia, Earlynn, Bethany, and Liz! They worked very hard to “get it together and make it happen!” It was a wonderful weekend full of events from which I am still trying to recover!! Can’t wait for our 75th!!

John Crossley