JPS To Draft New Regulations For Shared Decision-Making Teams

A policy that has been long in practice at Jamestown Public Schools is going receive some official guidelines.

Tim Mains, JPS superintendent, said the district’s shared decision-making teams – which have operated for several years – have been doing so without a specific set of regulations.

At Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, a resolution calling for the completion and implementation of these regulations prior to the start of the 2013-14 school year was approved. According to Mains, while this is a necessary step in the district’s compliance with state law, the regulations will also ensure that each school within the district is operating under the same set of guidelines.

“The purpose of a shared decision-making team is to make sure that all the major constituencies in the school – the parents, the teachers and the leadership – are thinking and planning on a very regular basis about how they help their school, and all the students in the school, get better,” Mains said. “The shared decision-making team plans the broad policies for the school to say, ‘What are we going to do to ramp things up?’ So, I’ll give directions to the district about where we’re all going, but there may be some unique things that are different at (each building). So, (there’s) this notion that every school kind of has its own community, and that community should have a say in what we’re doing to try to move forward.

“What I’ve discovered is that we’re kind of uneven about how we do that,” Mains continued. “And when I went to find the regulation to say, ‘Let me remind you about what we’re supposed to be doing,’ I discovered the regulation had never been formally generated. So, we need to formally generate that. (The resolution) makes sure that I’m going to have talked to all the people to find out what the practices are, and what we’re going to agree to do. And then everybody follows the same pattern.”

After the proposed regulations are drafted, Mains will announce and implement them for the 2013-14 school year and beyond. The resolution also maintains that the board review the regulations in the summer of 2015, and subsequently on a two-year basis.

Other business included a number of budget transfers, as well as change orders for its capital projects at JHS and the district’s transportaion center. For the high school project, $18,975 was added for labor and material costs to install ethernet transceiver modules for new data switches, and $1,576 was added to replace an existing 4 inches of main heating pipe in the building’s HVAC system. A $11,393 deletion of classroom door hold opens, replacement of light fixtures in the gym stairwell and replacement of locker room fixtures was also made.

The transportation center project reflected a $1,328 deletion of labor costs for the installation of an addressable duct detector for the fire alarm system, as well as the addition of $3,132 for the installation of an addressable duct detector in the fire alarm system and the installation of temporary services to the office trailer.

Also approved were instructional and non-instructional personnel changes and additions, as well as minutes and placement recommendations made by the Committee on Special Education and the Committee on Pre-School Special Education.