Public Should Understand Principles Upon Which Nation Was Founded

To The Reader’s Forum:

A July 19 letter appeals for unity, then blasts approximately half of Americans who disagree with his views. It categorizes many thousands of good Americans in our area as “judgmental” and “hate/fearmongers” because they support traditional marriage and moral sexual behavior. It imagines the opposition as a tiny minority that should be completely marginalized, and even claims that the reason someone would disagree with his position must be ignorance.

And the personal attack on Rev. Mel McGinnis and bashing of The Post-Journal for printing his opinion on July 4th is silly.

But seeking to silence all opposing opinions is common leftist strategy. Call names, distort the facts, intimidate if you must. Some liberals won’t be happy until free speech (which they supposedly cherish) is squelched. Already Canada and some European countries are there, and it’s what homosexual activists desire in this country.

Public debate on such important issues is necessary. Referring to your opponents as idiots and hatemongers is poor argument. Gay activists should also remember that a sizeable portion of the population everywhere disagrees with them, and that over 30 states have banned same-sex marriage!

I think Mel made many good points in the July 4 article. Never before in our history have we redefined marriage. Marriage was one man and one woman throughout our history, see Reynolds v. United States, the 1878 Supreme Court decision concerning polygamy.

Problems and pathology with homosexuality and “same-sex marriage” abound. Many health, sociological, and psychiatric studies, and pro-homosexual groups like the GLMA, continue to find that gay men and women – even in very “gay-friendly” countries like the Netherlands – have considerably higher rates of disease, substance abuse, mood/anxiety disorders, battering, and suicide than heterosexuals.

“Striking” promiscuity exists among homosexuals (2006 UCLA study); Dutch research (2003) found even gay men with a steady partner averaged 8 sexual partners per year. Dissolution rates of homosexual and lesbian couples are 3-4 times that of married heterosexuals.

Homosexual practice doesn’t conform to any genetically-prescribed model, and in some societies it is very rare or (such as with one group of the Dani) unknown.

Homosexual acts were long outlawed in America; some states initially had the death penalty for it. Same-sex marriage is not constitutional. It was unthinkable to our Founders (including the religiously unorthodox Thomas Jefferson) and every generation until now. The public should understand the principles our nation was founded on, and turn again to the Creator that our Founders said our rights flow from. The homosexual movement is a tragic but predictable symptom of the rebellion against God and traditional sexual morals that has captivated western society over the past 50 years.

Randall S. Braley